Real Estate License

How do I become a licensed Real Estate Salesperson?

Real Estate Salesperson

How do I become a licensed Real Estate Agent (Broker)?

To qualify as a licensed Real Estate Agent or the Designated Representative of an Agent which is a corporation or partnership, an individual must take the licensing course offered by the Prince Edward Island Real Estate Association (PEIREA), pass the associated exam and have been a licensed Salesperson for at least two years.  You may contact the PEIREA to obtain information on the course at

In addition, an Agent must maintain a $5,000 bond. The current fee for licensing or renewing a license is $300 for a two year term.

Real Estate Agent Application

What are the requirements for non-resident applicants?

Salespersons and Agents whose qualifications meet or exceed our provincial requirements will be exempt from the applicable course/examination requirements outlined above.

However, all non-resident applicants will be required to take the Provincial Examination offered by the PEIREA and pass the associated exam.

An Agent must maintain a permanent office in the Province.  In addition, a trust account and books and records pertaining to provincial transactions must be maintained in the Province.

To make an application for a license contact the Insurance and Real Estate Section of the Consumer, Labour and Financial Services of the Department of Justice and Public Safety.


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July 22, 2016
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