Orthophoto Map Comparison

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The Orthophoto Map Comparison displays satellite images of Prince Edward Island in 2000, 2010 and 2020. You can view images from two different years concurrently to visualize how the PEI landscape has changed over time.

  • Select an orthophoto year on the drop-down for each image.
  • Click Search (top right corner) and enter an address for the area you want to view in the search box. Your search area will be highlighted in red on the map. 
  • Use the +/- key on either image to zoom in and out. 
  • Click the Home icon to reset the map. 

An orthophoto is a satellite image that has been corrected to remove distortions caused by terrain relief, camera tilt, and other factors. They are used for mapping, land-use planning, and for visualizing and analyzing features on the ground such as buildings, roads, and vegetation.

Interpretation and use of the data herein is not warranted in any manner, now or at any time in the future, by the Province of Prince Edward Island (and/or other appropriate agency).
The Province of Prince Edward Island retains the copyright of the images displayed here.
Published date: 
le 18 Octobre 2023
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