Instant Rebates on Energy Efficiency Products

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Instant rebates are offered on certified energy efficient appliances and other select products purchased at participating retailers across PEI. When an Island consumer purchases a new unit that meets the eligibility criteria for efficiency, the cost will be automatically reduced at the cash register.

Instant rebates are applied to efficiencyPEI approved energy efficient products as follows: 

  • Smart Thermostats: $100
  • Full-size Refrigerators: $75
  • Washing Machines: $75
  • Toilets: $75
  • Dehumidifiers: $30
  • ENERGY STAR® certified LED Fixtures: up to $10 per fixture

NEW Product categories beginning September 29, 2023

  • Clothes Dryers: $75
  • Combination Washer/Dryer Units: $150
  • Dishwashers: $75
  • Bathroom and Utility Fans: $25
  • Room Air Purifiers: $75
  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps: $200

Each spring and fall, a seasonal campaign offers additional rebates for select products for energy efficient lighting, water and power control, and laundry drying. Products selected for in-store rebate may vary for each seasonal campaign. 

The spring savings will be available April 12 to May 26 at participating retailers.

The table below shows what energy efficient products are eligible for rebate, where they are available across the province, and which PEI retailers are participating in the current seasonal campaign. 

What products qualify for the rebate?

To qualify for the energy efficiency rebate, products must meet the following specifications:

  • Smart thermostats - Certified ENERGY STAR with geofencing abilities,  minimum $150 retail price;
  • Refrigerators – 
    • Certified ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023 Refrigerator 
    • Full size – 7.75 cubic feet (220 litres rated volume) or greater and higher than 36 inches (0.91 meters)
    • Annual energy consumption rate of 20kWh/AV* (cubic foot) or less. The Adjusted Volume (AV) considers freezer size when determining consumption rate and calculated as “refrigerator fresh volume + (1.63 x freezer volume)”. 
  • Washing machines – volume greater than 2.5 cubic feet
    • Certified ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2023
  • Toilets – WaterSense® Certified 
    • MaP Flush Performance Score 1000g or more
  • Dehumidifiers – ENERGY STAR certified
  • Clothes Dryers - Qualifying models must be ENERGY STAR certified and use less than or equal to 100 kWh per cubic foot of drum capacity per year
  • Combination Washer/Dryer Units - Qualifying models must meet the efficiency requirements for the washer and dryer components separately
  • Dishwashers - Qualifying models must be ENERGY STAR certified and use less than or equal to 250 kWh per year
  • Bathroom and Utility Fans - Qualifying models must be ENERGY STAR certified Most Efficient 2023 List
  • Room Air Purifiers - ENERGY STAR certified
  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps - ENERGY STAR certified

Seasonal rebates may be applied to approved products, including:

  • ENERGY STAR LED lighting and fixtures
  • Lighting control systems, i.e. dimmers and motions sensors
  • Powers controls, i.e. heavy-duty timers, power bars with timer and smart power bars
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Clothesline kits and drying racks
  • Water measuring products, i.e. WaterSense® Certified showerheads, select faucet aerators.
  • Weather stripping and air sealing kits

How do I get the rebate?

You do not need to apply for the rebate. You will automatically receive the discount when you pay for the item at a participating retailer listed below.

*Also participates in the Spring and Fall Campaigns

Region Retailer Product Rebates available at this location


(Washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers

Smart Thermostats Air Quality (Dehumidifiers, Bathrooms & utility fans, Room air purifiers)

LED Fixtures 

Alberton *Alberton Home Hardware Building Centre     X X  
Bloomfield *Kent-Bloomfield   X X X X
Bloomfield Markan Hardwood         X
Charlottetown *Canadian Tire   X X X X
Charlottetown *Kent X X X X X
Charlottetown *Home Depot X X X X X
Charlottetown *Charlottetown Home Hardware     X X X
Charlottetown *Best Buy   X      
Charlottetown M&M Furniture X        
Charlottetown Mr. Plumber         X
Charlottetown The Brick X        
Charlottetown Sherwood Timbermart         X
Kensington *Kent   X X X X
Montague *Kent   X X X X
Montague Stewart and Beck’s Home Hardware     X   X
Montague Stewart and Beck’s Home Building Centre     X   X
North Rustico *North Rustico Home Hardware     X X X
O’Leary *O’Leary Home Hardware     X    
Souris Elliot's General Store       X  

Prompt Plumbing

Stratford *Kinlock Home Hardware     X X X
Summerside *Canadian Tire   X X X X
Summerside *Kent   X X X X
Summerside *Callbeck’s Home Hardware     X X X
Summerside Leon's Summerside X        
Summerside Furniture Gallery X        
Tignish *Tignish Home Hardware Building Centre     X    
Online only *Mysa          

Energy efficiency incentives are a cost-shared with the Government of Canada under the Low Carbon Economy Fund.

Who can I contact for more information? 

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120 Heather Moyse Drive, Summerside PE
Phone: 1-877-734-6336 
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