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Fees for Personal Information:

1. Initial fee - no charge 
2. Copying fees - actual cost 

Fees for General Information:

1. The applicant must pay an initial fee of $5. Their request will not start until this fee is paid. 
2. The fee for locating and preparing a record for disclosure is $10 per half hour. 
3. An estimate of the cost of locating and preparing records for disclosure will be provided to the applicant. This estimate will be based on the formula outlined in Schedule 2 
4. The applicant has up to 20 days to accept the fee estimate or to modify their request to reduce the fee. 

Payment of Fee:

1. Processing a request stops once a notice of estimate has been forwarded to an applicant and starts immediately when the application agrees to pay the fee, and pays 50 per cent of the estimate. 
2. The balance of any fee owing is payable at the time the information is delivered to the applicant. 
3. Fees, other than the initial fee, or any part of those fees will be refunded if the amount paid is higher than the actual fee required to be paid. 

Schedule 2

1. Locating and preparing a record for disclosure: $10 per half hour (First 2 hours are free). 
2. Producing a record from an electronic record:
     a. computer processing and related charges - actual cost to a public body 
     b. computer programming - actual amount charged to public body 
3. Supervising the examination of a record: $10 per half hour 
4. Shipping a record: actual cost to a public body. 
5. Copying a record:
     a. photocopies - actual cost 
     b. floppy disks - actual cost 
     c. compact discs - actual cost 
     d. hardcopy microfilm per exposure - $0.50 cents 
     e. duplication of 16 mm microfilm - $29.95 per roll 
     f. duplication of 35 mm microfilm - $32.95 per roll 
     g. photographs (color or black and white, from negative)
            i. 5" x 7" - $9 
            ii. 8" x 10" - $11 
            iii.11" x 14" - $25 
            iv. 16" x 20" - $40 
            v. 20" x 24" - $100 
     h. duplication of a 35 mm color slide - $8.50 
     i.  duplication of audio cassette - $10 per tape ($5 if tape is provided by applicant) 
     j. duplication of video cassette - $5 
6. For any other media not listed above, the actual amount incurred by the public body will be charged. 

Date de publication : 
le 11 Juin 2016
Justice et Sécurité publique

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