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The availability of stable, high‑speed Internet infrastructure is critical for access to essential resources and public services, and to enable economic growth and diversification. The Prince Edward Island Broadband Fund (PEIBF) provides financial assistance to local PEI Internet service providers (ISPs), communities, and businesses for the installation of infrastructure for enhanced broadband services. Through this program, support is provided for increased service levels, improved access and consumer choice across the province with a focus on rural communities.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to access the Prince Edward Island Broadband Fund (PEIBF) if you are a:

  • local ISP that is installing broadband infrastructure that will improve Internet access to a community, increase service levels and/or improved consumer choice; or
  • PEI community that requires increased Internet service levels and/or has unserviced or underserved areas; or 
  • PEI for-profit business that is a sole proprietorship, partnership, cooperative or limited liability company that requires access to new or upgraded services to their business premises.

New project submissions from an applicant in default on any reporting, project completion or financial obligation to Innovation PEI will not be reviewed until a resolution to the default is reached.

What activities will this support?

The fund encourages partnerships and collaboration for the most effective and innovative solutions to improve capacity, coverage and consumer choice for connectivity. 

Eligible costs are those direct costs that can be specifically identified and measured as having been required and incurred to implement and complete the project including, but not limited to:

  • direct Labour Costs, meaning the portion of gross wages or salaries incurred for work;
  • direct Material Costs, including passive supplies such as fibre optic cable, coaxial cable, copper wire, patch cords, last mile network towers/poles, fibre termination equipment, outdoor cabinets, and conduits;
  • direct Equipment Costs, including servers, switches, repeaters, radio equipment, backbone, back-up power supplies, shelters, and network broadband connectivity equipment including upgrades; and
  • other direct costs, meaning those applicable direct costs not falling within the prior categories, but that are necessary for the physical infrastructure.
  • ineligible costs are more comprehensively listed in the PEIBF application guide and include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • costs incurred before the project application date, or after the project completion date;
    • purchase, lease and other costs related to land acquisition/lease, buildings (except for equipment shelters not meant for human occupation) and other facilities, including permanent shelters for housing network-related equipment;
    • operational costs for infrastructure built as a result of the project, including repairs and ongoing maintenance;
    • new customer‐premises connection (CPE) costs including, but not limited to, drop, antenna/poles/towers, modem/router; and
    • radio and spectrum licensing fees.

Innovation PEI reserves the right to adjust eligible and/or ineligible costs within the PEIBF. All eligible and ineligible costs specific to an approved application will be detailed within the contract between the applicant and Innovation PEI.

What is the level of assistance available? 

Up to 50 per cent of the eligible costs of an approved project.

The contribution from PEIBF is to a maximum of 50% of the eligible costs of the approved project.  The maximum, total grant contribution from all Government of Prince Edward Island sources cannot exceed 50%. Loans or other repayable contributions are not included within this calculation. Where a project receives any other grant funding from the Government of Prince Edward Island, the contribution from PEIBF may be reduced.  

What process will be followed to assess the applications?

All applications will be evaluated on provision of the information requested, including completeness and suitability of the information, and will be assessed on factors including: 

  • capacity and coverage of civic addresses; 
  • economic impact in a region or community; 
  • provision of consumer choice for connectivity and pricing;
  • deployment of innovative solutions for long-term sustainability; 
  • incremental broadband improvement and quality of the proposed service;
  • applicant’s ability to complete the project, including capacity to manage the project, prior experience and qualifications of the management team, and evidence of funds for the balance of project costs; and 
  • availability of PEIBF budget.

Innovation PEI reserves the right to offer partial awards and/or to negotiate project scope changes with applicants.

Performance Monitoring

Financial and status reporting will be required at various milestones, specifically the planning, construction and completion stages. If your project is approved, a letter of offer will be sent to you. This will create a contract between yourself and Innovation PEI, and will clearly stipulate the obligations of both parties.  

More detail regarding monitoring of your project and required reporting is included within the PEIBF Application Guide.  

Should your project fail to comply with the terms of the contract it will be discontinued. Complete details are included within the funding contract, and include that Innovation PEI may at its sole discretion:

  • declare your business to be in non-performance (default) of the contract
  • request that you repay in full the amount received
  • take necessary legal action to collect the amount in full with interest

What do I need to apply for this program?

Please review the PEIBF Application Guide to ensure you have all the information needed to complete the application form.  Briefly, the required information includes: 

  • Project description and benefits, including coverage;
  • Project implementation and management;
  • Regulatory requirements; and 
  • Financial requirements, including costs and source of funds. 

What other information do I need to know before I fill in the application?

Please review the entire PEIBF Application Guide prior to preparing your application.  


For assistance, contact Innovation PEI

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*This information is provided for information purposes and is not comprehensive and reflective of all Innovation PEI policies.  Not all projects meeting the minimum eligibility criteria outlined will receive funding.  Please consult with an Innovation PEI staff member for guidance specific to your situation.
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