Experienced Registered Nurse Referral Program

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The PEI Experienced Registered Nurse Referral Program is an initiative to engage Islanders in assisting to recruit RNs with at least 24 months of experience to fill hard-to-recruit vacant RN positions at Health PEI. Islanders will receive a financial incentive of $1,500 for each RN who is successfully hired into an eligible RN position.

Please be advised – If the RN whom you have referred does not have at least 24 months of experience working as an RN in Canada or is not subsequently hired by Health PEI through a competitive process, your submission would not meet the criteria required to be eligible for this referral program.

Who is eligible to refer RNs through this program? 

Residents of PEI including: 

  • Permanent Residents;
  • Summer Residents with a PEI address;
  • Islanders attending Post-Secondary institutions; and
  • Temporary Residents of PEI.

Who is NOT eligible to make referrals through this program? 

  • Government of Prince Edward Island: Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, and employees reporting to those positions, including all Senior Managers and Administrative employees; Department of Health and Wellness employees; Public Service Commission employees; Executive Council and Treasury Board Secretariat employees;
  • Health PEI: CEO and Board Members, Senior Directors and Managers, HR employees; Managers of an area/team to which the candidate is hired and the Manager has oversight;
  • PEI Nurses Union (PEINU) employees;
  • The College of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island (CRNPEI) employees;
  • Private human resource or recruiting firms; and
  • Vendors under contract(s) with the Government of Prince Edward Island or Health PEI.

Please note - Eligibility criteria will be reassessed periodically for the duration of the program and are subject to change.

What type of referrals are eligible for the PEI Experienced Registered Nurse Referral Program? 

For the purposes of this program, referrals are only accepted for Experienced Registered Nurses who:

  • are not current residents of Prince Edward Island;
  • are legally entitled to work in Canada;
  • have at least 24 months of experience working as a Registered Nurse;
  • are not employees of Health PEI nor the Province of Prince Edward Island, at the time of application;
  • have not had communication with the Government of Prince Edward Island or Health PEI in the last 12 months; and
  • are eligible for registration with the College of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island.

For inquiries regarding other health professionals, please email healthrecruiter@gov.pe.ca.

What is the definition of “experienced” for the purpose of this program?

Experienced is defined as having at least 24 months of experience working as a Registered Nurse in Canada.

Which RN positions are eligible for the referral incentive? 

The referral incentive will be paid if the RN whom you refer is hired by Health PEI in a permanent role that is 50% full time equivalent or greater. Health PEI has RN opportunities throughout PEI which change on a regular basis. The Department of Health and Wellness is happy to work with the RN directly to find an opportunity that suits their interests and timelines when operationally possible. 

What if the RN is already known to the PEI Recruitment and Retention team?

If the RN whom you have referred has already been in communication with the Government of PEI or Health PEI pertaining to employment opportunities within the last twelve (12) months from the date of your submission, then you would not be eligible to receive a financial incentive through this program.

    How much is the financial incentive for referring an RN? 

    This is a one-time financial incentive of $1,500 paid to the referral source.

    When will I receive my financial incentive? 

    Once an RN is hired and starts work with Health PEI, you will be contacted to receive your payment. Payment will be issued within three weeks of the RN's start date or as soon as administratively possible. 

    Am I eligible to refer more than one RN? 

    Yes, you may refer as many qualified RNs as you like. You will receive a $1,500 incentive for each experienced RN who is successfully hired into an eligible position with Health PEI. 

    How long will my referral remain active? 

    We will keep a record of your referral for six months. If the RN whom you referred is not hired within six months, your information will no longer be kept on file.

    Will the RN also receive an incentive? 

    Yes, if the RN accepts a designated position with Health PEI, they will have the option to receive a $5,000 financial incentive in exchange for a 3,900 working hour return-in-service agreement through the Experienced Nursing Recruitment Incentive Program.

      How do I refer an RN? 

      1. Complete the application form by clicking the button below.
      2. You will then be prompted to send your RN referral this form.
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