Register for and Submit Online Environment Tax Return

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You can register to access the online business portal to file environment tax returns and pay the tax collected. Once you are registered, you will receive an email confirming your online access is activated. You will then be able to submit returns and make tax payments online.

How do I register for online tax returns and payments?

  1. Complete all required fields to create your business profile.
  2. Select Next at the bottom of the registration screen. 
  3. Enter a username and password.
  4. Confirm your password in the Confirm Password field. 
  5. Enter a name in the Mother’s Maiden Name field for security.
  6. Select Finish. You will be returned to the login screen.
  7. Log in using your username and password to complete the registration. 
  8. Enter your environment tax registration number. Click OK.
  9. You will be logged out of the Business Portal.

How long will it take to register?

It will take approximately 10 minutes to register.

How do I submit my environment taxes?

To submit your environment tax return online once you have registered, select the Log in to Business Portal button below.

What options are offered to pay environment taxes?

You can pay your environment taxes in the following ways:

  1. through your online banking services,
  2. by mail to Taxation and Property Records, PO Box 1330, Charlottetown C1A 7N1, 
  3. in person at any of the Access PEI locations, or
  4. by leaving a cheque in the Taxation Office drop box (no cash), Shaw Building South, 95 Rochford Street, Charlottetown.

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