Register for Livestock and Poultry Premises Identification

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Use the online form below to register for a Premises Identification number (PID) for any property in PEI being used to keep (raise or assemble), grow or dispose of animals or food. The premises identification registry will identify the geographic location of all livestock and poultry in PEI which is necessary to effectively respond to an animal disease outbreak, food safety issue or an emergency such as extreme weather.

You can also use this form to update your profile if information about your premises changes. 

For more information, visit Livestock and Poultry Premises Identification (PEI)

What do I need to register my operation?

If you own or operate multiple properties, you will be asked to register each parcel of land separately in order to properly identify the geographic location of all livestock and poultry.  Note: In the initial stage of creating this registry, parcels of land used for pasture land associated with the home location will be included in the PID assigned to the home location.

On the application form you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Legal land description (property tax parcel number and civic address or geographic location);
  • Landowner- emergency contact information;
  • Premises contact - emergency contact information, if different from land owner;
  • Premises type (e.g. farm, assembly yard, abattoir, etc.)
  • Animal inventory (e.g. identify type and population of all livestock and poultry species housed on the premises, current and/or future)
  • Maximum animal capacity (e.g. estimate number of beef cattle that can be housed on the premises)

Is there a fee to register my property?

No. There is no fee to participate in the Premises Identification Program.

How long will it take to complete the registration form?

Once you have gathered all the information about each parcel of land and the animals located on each one, you will be able to complete the form less than 15 minutes.

When will I receive my PID?

It will take approximately two days to issue a PID. If you require a PID issued in less time, please contact the Registrar directly.

Please note: This application is also available in PDF:  Premises Identification Application Form for Livestock and Poultry Premises

For more information, contact

Registrar, PEI Livestock and Poultry Premises Identification Program
Office of the Provincial Veterinarian
PEI Department of Agriculture
5th Floor Jones Building
Phone: 902-368-5654