J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery Services

The J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery is Prince Edward Island's largest tree seedling production facility. Named after the Province's first forester, the nursery produces tree and shrub seedlings for:

  • reforestation projects on private and public forest land
  • watershed enhancement projects
  • buffer zone establishment
  • Christmas trees
  • wind breaks and hedgerows
  • as well as landscaping and wildlife management.

It is important to select the tree and shrub species best suited to your needs and the growing conditions of the planting site. Selection of the 'proper species for the proper area' will maximize the tree, shrub and plants' survival rate, and will help reduce the impacts of insects and diseases. 

Please note: Seedlings are not sold directly to the public, but are available through the participating garden centres listed at Island Trees and Shrubs.

What species are typically produced by the provincial nursery?

The nursery produces a variety of coniferous (softwood) and deciduous (hardwood) species; additionally, native and non-native shrubs are also produced. Please note that species may vary slightly from year-to-year.

What tree planting programs are available to the public?

The nursery does not plant trees, but producers seedlings for the following planting programs on PEI:

Please contact Forests, Fish & Wildlife at 902-368-6450 if you have any inquiries regarding these programs. 

Advice on tree insects and diseases

Staff also provide advice to property owners to help them identify and deal with insects and disease problems of common native tree and shrub species. For detailed information on how to collect and submit samples, visit: Tree Insects and Diseases Identification services.   

The Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division also offers information to the public on tree insects and diseases through the Facebook page Tree Insects and Disease: Prince Edward Island

Quality of trees at our provincial nursery

The Tree Improvement program produces genetically improved seed from selected Acadian Forest tree species. Seedlings produced from this first generation improved seed should provide faster growing, higher quality trees for many different uses and services in future generations.

Published date: 
April 14, 2021