Indigenous Relations Secretariat

The Indigenous Relations Secretariat coordinates government’s response to Indigenous matters within the province. In addition to offering a central point of contact for First Nations and Aboriginal organizations, the Secretariat provides a means by which to promote inter-departmental communication and cooperation on governmental matters related to Indigenous Relations. The Secretariat supports work conducted under the Partnership Agreement with the Mi’kmaq and Canada, continues to participate in a contribution agreement with the Native Council of PEI, and provides annual grant funding to the Aboriginal Women’s Associate of PEI. The Secretariat represents PEI at various inter-governmental tables including:

  • Federal-Provincial-Territorial-Indigenous Forum;
  • Federal-Provincial-Territorial-Duty to Consult Working Group;
  • Atlantic Aboriginal Consultation Community of Practice; and        
  • Canadian Association of Provincial and Territorial Archaeologists.

Strategic Priorities 

  1. To provide centralized management and coordination of Indigenous Relations.
  2. To foster and maintain positive relationships with First Nations and Aboriginal organizations.
  3. Work with all levels of government, including First Nations, to reduce any socio-economic gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Islanders and improve life outcomes for Aboriginal Islanders.
  4. To provide general information about the Mi’kmaq and Aboriginal organizations.
  5. To develop and maintain public policy on the duty to consult and advise on policy matters related to Aboriginal and treaty rights.


Under the Archaeology Act and regulations, the secretariat is also responsible for managing all archaeology and palaeontology within Prince Edward Island, with the director also serving as the provincial archaeologist. Responsibilities include archaeological site management and protection, procedures, public awareness, and consultation with various groups having archaeological interests.

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Indigenous Relations Secretariat Office
Telephone: (902) 368-6895



Published date: 
May 31, 2019