Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

The Government of Prince Edward Island is returning all of the federal carbon levy back to Islanders. As a result, transit fees and vehicle registration fees have been reduced and driver's licenses are now free. For more information on these changes, visit Saving You Money While Helping Environment.

The annual registration fee for a private passenger vehicle, taxicab or truck with a gross weight of less than 4,100 kg is $80.

Annual registration fees for miscellaneous vehicles

Annual Registration Fees for Miscellaneous Vehicles
Type of Vehicle Annual Registration Fee
Vehicle with a dealer plate $80
Vehicle with a motorcycle or motorscooter plate $32
Vehicle with a moped plate $16
Truck-tractor used to haul trailer transporting special mobile equipment $120
Vehicle used as a hearse or ambulance $19
Service truck with permanently mounted device, mobile crane and special mobile equipment $54
Motorhome $120
Farm truck
        (a)   two or three axle
        (b)   truck-tractor $8

Trailer registration fees

Trailer Registration Fees
Type of Trailer Registration Fee
Utility trailer, gross weight of less than 450 kg $75
Farm Trailer
        (a)   With a gross weight of 4,500 kg or less
        (b)   With a gross weight of 4,101 kg or more $30
Commercial Trailer
        (a)   With a gross weight of 4,100 kg or less
        (b)   With a gross weight of 4,101 kg or more $300
        (c)   semi-trailer with truck-tractor $100
Recreational Trailer
        (a)   under 18 feet
        (b)   18 feet and longer $200

For more information on registration fees, please read the Fees Regulations.

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December 28, 2018
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