Apply for PEI Health Card - New Residents

If you have recently moved to Prince Edward Island you will need a PEI Health Card to receive publicly funded health services. You may apply for a PEI Health Card for each member of your household providing you are all legally in Canada and PEI is your primary residence for at least six months plus a day each year. 

For information about your health card, refer to PEI Health Card

How do I register for a PEI Health Card?

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Individuals must be physically present in the province of Prince Edward Island before applying for health coverage.

Applying for a PEI Health Card does not automatically put you on the Provincial Patient Registry. To register for a family doctor or nurse practitioner, call 1-855-563-2101(toll-free) or register online. For more information, visit the Patient Registry Program.

Please submit a completed application and all required documentation as follows:

When will I be eligible for coverage with my PEI Health Card?

  • If you have moved to PEI from another province in Canada, you may apply for a PEI Health Card as soon as you arrive in the province.  However, you will be covered by your former province of residence for the first three months. PEI coverage will begin on the first day of the third month following the date you make permanent residence in the province. For example, if you arrive July 4, you will be eligible on October 1
  • If you moved to PEI from outside Canada, you may be eligible for first-day coverage with one of the following documents: 
    • Permanent residency documentation;
    • Valid Canadian passport, i.e. a Canadian citizen returning from another country; or
    • Canadian citizenship certification, i.e. a Canadian citizen born outside of Canada.
  • If you are the spouse of a Canadian citizen assuming first-time residence in PEI, you may be eligible under spousal sponsorship. Please contact PEI Medicare at 1-800-321-5492 for further information.
  • If you move to PEI with a work permit, you may be eligible for first-day coverage with the following documents: 
    • Copy of a valid work permit which must entitle you to legally work within PEI for at least 183 days (PEI Medicare may request a proof-of-employment letter.); and
    • Copy of a valid passport.
  • If you are in Canada on a ministerial permit, contact PEI Medicare at 1-800-321-5492 to discuss your eligibility.

Am I eligible as an international student studying in PEI?

International students (post secondary) may apply for a PEI Health Card with the following documentation:

  • Copy of a valid study permit indicating that you can work off campus (copy to be submitted for yearly extensions); 
  • Verification of current, full-time enrolment from a designated learning institution (renewal to be submitted yearly); and
  • Copy of a valid passport.

Note:  PEI Medicare will not authorize acceptance letters, tuition cost forms, or student ID cards.

A spouse of an international student may apply for a PEI Health Card with the following documentation:

  • visitor permit
  • marriage certificate

A dependent child of an international student may also be eligible with the following documentation:

  • visitor permit/study permit
  • birth certificate

Note: PEI Medicare may also request proof of residency (i.e. rental/lease agreement, letter of enrolment from school, etc.), if applicable.

What do I need to complete the online form?

You can register your spouse, and up to seven dependent children who are under the age of 18* and living with you.

For each individual you are registering, you will need to complete all required identification fields and either accept or decline, with their consent, to become an organ donor and tissue donor.

Please note:  Parents cannot provide prior consent for the donation of organs and tissues of children less than 16 years of age. Parent consent on behalf of their children is only possible if and when the opportunity to donate arises. 

You will be asked to upload copies of supporting documents for each individual listed on your PEI Health Card application, as described below:

  • Canadian Citizen: Attach copy of health card from former province, front and back if applicable, or birth certificate.
  • Canadian citizen returning from another country:  Attach copy of Canadian passport.
  • Permanent Resident:  Attach copy of Confirmation of Permanent Residence document or both sides of Permanent Resident card.
  • International Student:  Attach copy of Study Permit & proof of enrolment from designated learning institution.
  • Working Visa: Attach copy of Immigration record.

*The age of majority for Prince Edward Island is 18.

How long will it take to complete this online form?

If you have all supporting documents ready to upload, you can complete the form in about 15 minutes, depending on the number of family members you include on the form.

How long will it take to process my application?

Applications that are properly completed and accompanied by all required supporting documentation are normally evaluated within two weeks. If accepted for coverage, your application will be processed. Please allow an additional three weeks for processing

A PEI Health Card is valid for five years. A renewal notice will be mailed approximately two months before the expiry date to the address you provided. It is important to notify Health PEI of any change to your contact information to ensure continued coverage. To update information, call 1-800-321-5492.
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