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The Health PEI office located at 16 Garfield Street in Charlottetown is temporarily closed. Services related to health card applications and health card renewals are not available at that location at this time. The following options are available:   

  • Apply online at and click on “PEI Health Card"
  • Drop off completed health card applications at any Access PEI office. 
  • Call the PEI Medicare Office at 902-838-0900, or toll free at 1-800-321-5492

You will be asked for your PEI Health Card each time you visit a medical office or undergo medical testing or treatment at a publicly funded health facility in Prince Edward Island. If you do not have a valid PEI Health Card you will be billed for hospital and physician services.

Your pharmacist will also require your health card to record your prescription medications in the PEI Drug Information System.

A PEI Health Card is valid for five years from the date it is issued, unless you received a temporary health card which is valid for the current school year or the duration of your work permit. Your health card contains your 8-digit Personal Health Number (PHN), personal information such as your name, birth date, gender, and address, and the card expiry date. If you provide the optional information, your new or renewed health card will also contain your intention for organ and tissue donation as well as your preferred language for medical services.

Am I eligible for a PEI Health Card?

A PEI Health Card is issued to every PEI resident. You are considered to be a resident of PEI if:

  • you are legally in Canada; and
  • PEI is your primary residence for at least six months plus a day each year.

You are not eligible for a PEI Health Card, if you are:

  • an International student, unable to work off campus;
  • a tourist, transient or visitor to PEI;
  • a member of the Canadian Armed Forces;
  • an inmate of a Federal Penitentiary; or
  • a citizen eligible for certain services under other government programs, such as the Interim Federal Health Program for Refugees, Workers Compensation or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For further information about eligibility for health coverage, please refer to the Health Services Payment Act Regulations [PDF | 939 KB].

NOTE:  Applying for a PEI Health Card does not automatically put you on the Provincial Patient Registry. To register for a family doctor or nurse practitioner, call 1-855-563-2101(toll-free) or register online. For more information, visit Find a Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner .

Should I use my PEI Health Card when I am out of province?

If you temporarily leave PEI for travel, study or work, your PEI Health Card will cover you for emergency or sudden-illness health care services. You are strongly encouraged to purchase additional private insurance for health coverage while outside Canada.

Please note any of the following out-of-province circumstances that may apply to you: 

  • Travel within Canada: Notify PEI Medicare if your absence will exceed one month to help avoid any delay in payment for an out-of-province service. Provide your departure and return dates, destination and reason for absence. For example, an extended winter vacation or a sabbatical leave.
  • Travel outside Canada:  The cost for medical services outside Canada may be considerably higher and you will be required to pay medical costs up front.  You will be reimbursed at PEI rates in Canadian currency; however, you will be responsible to pay the difference between the amount charged and the amount paid by PEI Medicare. Submit your detailed invoice and proof of payment to PEI Medicare within six months of the date of service. 
  • Out-of-province students: Island students who will be studying outside of the province must notify PEI Medicare of their plans at the beginning of each school year to ensure they have appropriate medical coverage. If you will be studying within Canada and have a valid PEI Health Card, you will be insured for emergency health services or sudden illness care. Such emergency care includes visiting an emergency department or walk-in clinic for a sudden or life-threatening illness, and being admitted to hospital for an emergency procedure or treatment.
    Non-emergency care such as elective surgeries and treatments, or treatment for a chronic condition or ailment requires prior approval from Health PEI for the service to be insured.  
  • Off-Island employment: If PEI is your primary residence and your job requires you to live and work out-of-province or outside of Canada for an extended period of time, you must notify PEI Medicare to ensure you have appropriate medical coverage. 

How do I renew my health card?

Temporary Health Card holders:

If you are a student or work permit holder with a temporary PEI Health Card, you will not receive a notice of renewal. It is your responsibility to renew your temporary card one of the following ways:

  • Online: Renew Temporary Health Card; or
  • Mail your completed application to:
    PEI Medicare
    PO Box 3000
    126 Douses Road
    Montague, PE   C0A 1R0; or
  • Deliver your completed application to any Access PEI Location

Temporary health card required renewal documents:

  • International students are required to submit a copy of your existing health card, a copy of your new Study Permit (if applicable) and a copy of your current proof of enrolment only. Please report any change to your address or phone number.
  • Work Permit holders are required to submit a copy of your existing health card and a copy of your new Work Permit only. Please report any change to your address or phone number.
  • New Permanent Residents: If you were issued a temporary health card as a student or work permit holder and are transitioning to Permanent Resident choosing to permanently live in PEI, you must complete the renewal process for your temporary health card. The number on your temporary health card will then be transferred to a permanent health card which will be valid for five years. 

Permanent Health Card holders:

  • If your PEI Health Card is valid for five years: Approximately two months before your card will expire, a notice of renewal containing necessary validation information will be mailed to the address you filed with PEI Medicare.  Please ensure PEI Medicare has your current address and contact information. To update address and contact information, call 1-800-321-5492
  • If the card(s) for your household have no significant change of information, you have the option to return the paper form enclosed with your renewal notice or you may renew online. Renew your PEI Health Card online

How do I get medical coverage if I recently moved to PEI?

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Individuals must be physically present in the province of Prince Edward Island before applying for health coverage.

If you have recently moved to PEI, you may apply for a PEI Health Card.

For eligibility criteria and registration information, visit Apply for a Health Card – New Residents

What should I do if I leave PEI permanently?

If you stay in Canada, you will remain eligible for PEI health coverage until the first day of the third month when you become eligible for coverage in your new province. You are advised to register in your new province of residence within 30 days of moving to ensure uninterrupted health coverage. 

If you plan to leave Canada permanently, your coverage will be terminated the day you leave PEI.

How do I update my contact information?

If you need to update your address or telephone number, please notify PEI Medicare at 1-800-321-5492.  

It is recommended that you also confirm that your contact information has been updated with the Health PEI program(s) or service(s) where you receive care (for example:  Diabetes, Mental Health, Cardiac Rehab Program, etc.) at your next appointment.

What if I lost my health card?

If your PEI Health Card is lost or stolen, you can apply for a replacement card. The replacement fee is $10 per card, with a household maximum $50

If your name has changed or if you have received a card with incorrect information, you will not be charged for a replacement card.

Download and print a Request for a Replacement Health Card [PDF | 568 KB].   

Send the completed form with a cheque or money order payable to Health PEI to PEI Medicare or request a replacement health card and make payment at any Access PEI Centre location.

Who can I contact about my health card?

PEI Medicare
c/o Health PEI
126 Douses Road
Montague, PE C0A 1R0

Telephone: 902-838-0900 
Toll-free:  1-800-321-5492
Fax: 902-838-0940

Published date: 
October 26, 2022
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