Municipal By-Election Key Dates

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The following key dates and processes provide a general overview.  The Municipal Elections Guidebook contains an extensive Election Task List as an appendix - election officials and CAOs should consult this resource.

See the Municipal By-Election Calendar

At least 3 months before by-election  (recommended)

  • Appoint Municipal Electoral Officer (MEO) and Deputy MEO
    • Council appoints by resolution.
    • MEO can be the municipality’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).
    • Municipalities can share MEOs)
  • Ensure Election Bylaw is relevant
  • Confirm process to develop list of electors 
    • Election Bylaw will specify if enumeration or registration processes are established. 

At least 2 months before election (recommended)

  • Determine location for election office and establish office hours (municipality and MEO)
  • Appoint Returning Officer (MEO appoints)

5th Friday before by-election 

  • Notice of Nominations

4th Tuesday before by-election 

  • MEO opens Election Office
    • Election Office hours must be posted in the Notice of Nominations. 

4th Wednesday before by-election to 3rd Friday before by-election (nomination period) 

Candidates must complete and file the Municipal Nomination Form with the MEO or RO at the Election Office during the hours identified in the Notice of Nomination for the municipality. All nominations must be filed by 2:00 pm on the third Friday before the by-election. 

3rd Friday before by-election: Nomination Day

  • All nominations filed by 2:00 pm
  • MEO publishes electronic Notice of Extended Nominations by 5:00 pm (if extended nomination period is required) 
  • MEO posts Notice of Nominated Candidates in election office (if election is required) 

14th day (Monday) before by-election 

  • Appoint election officials for polling stations (RO appoints)
  • MEO publishes Notice of Extended Nominations in newspaper (if extended nomination period is required

12th day (Wednesday) before by-election 

  • MEO publishes Notice of Election Information
    • Must be published in newspaper and electronically, at election office and municipal office, and given to each candidate. 
  • RO provides officially nominated candidates with list of electors

2nd Friday before by-election: Extended Nomination Day (required if there are fewer nominated candidates than seats)

  • All nominations filed by 2:00 pm
  • MEO posts Notice of Nominated Candidates (if election is required) 

Immediately After Nominations

  • MEO prepare and order ballots
  • MEO/RO prepare election supplies

By Saturday before by-election 

  • Conduct advance poll
    • Must be a minimum of three hours. 

By-election day (Monday) 

  • Election day
    • Voting takes place from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. 

By 2nd day after by-election 

  • MEO verifies results

By 1st Friday after by-election  

  • Last day to request a recount (a candidate can make a request to the MEO)

By 4:00 pm on first Monday after by-election 

  • MEO completes recount (if requested or required)

By 9th day after by-election  

  • Last day to request a judicial review of rejected ballots (MEO and candidate can request a review)

By 14th day after by-election 

  • Provincial court judge completes review
  • Latest day for MEO announce election results 
  • MEO notifies CAO of elected candidates 

Within 10 days of notification of elected candidate(s)

2 months after by-election

  • All candidates (whether elected or not) must file a Disclosure Statement of Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses to the MEO (if still appointed) or the CAO of the municipality.  Visit Municipal Election Campaigns for more information on filing a Disclosure Statement. 


Note: This page is prepared for information purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice.


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le 9 Janvier 2019