Report a Council Member Vacancy

Municipalities should report any council member vacancies to Municipal Affairs, along with potential by-election dates. Member vacancies would also include the Mayor of the municipality.

Who can report a vacancy?

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), or their designate, of the municipality may submit vacancies.

What do I have to report?

  • Member’s name
  • Position (Mayor or Councillor)
  • Date of vacancy
  • Reason for resignation
  • Date of by-election, if known

What does the member, who has vacated the seat, have to do?

The member must sign a written resignation and file it with the Chief Administrative Officer according to Section 83 of the Municipal Government Act.

Is there a deadline for holding a by-election for the vacant member?

The Municipal Government Act requires that a by-election be held within 6 months of vacancy with some exceptions. Read Sections 60-62 of the Act and the Election Regulations for more information.

Can I report multiple vacancies in one application?

You can report up to 3 vacancies per application. If you need to file more than 3, call Municipal Affairs at 902-620-3558.

Who can I contact for help holding a by-election?

Municipal Affairs can provide resources for holding a by-election. Visit the Municipal Elections page, or call 902-620-3558 or email for more information.

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