Adult Conditional Sentence Order

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What is a Conditional Sentence Order?

A Conditional Sentence Order is a court order which sentences a person to custody but allows them to serve the sentence in the community, provided they comply with strict supervisory conditions imposed by the Court, such as those with conditions where you are confined to your home, sometimes referred to as house arrest, or where you are bound by curfew. 

Who supervises Conditional Sentence Orders?

On PEI, Conditional Sentence Orders are supervised by Probation Officers who work at Probation Services.

How long can a Conditional Sentence last?

A judge can impose a Conditional Sentence Order for any length of time to a maximum of two years less one day.

What happens if conditions of a Conditional Sentence Order are not followed?

If conditions of the order are not followed, the offender may be arrested and either detained in custody or released until their court hearing.  If it is deemed there was a breach of the Conditional Sentence Order then the judge has the following options: 

  • Take no action
  • Change the optional conditions
  • Suspend the Conditional Sentence Order, and have you serve a part of your sentence in custody
  • Once released, the Conditional Sentence Order will apply with or without changes to the conditions
  • Cancel the Conditional Sentence Order, and have you serve the remainder of the sentence in custody

Are there fees associated with Conditional Sentence Orders? 

There are no fees related to the Conditional Sentence Order.

Who can I contact for more information?

Manager, Probation Services
Customs House
42 Great George Street
Charlottetown, PEI
Telephone: (902) 368-6061



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le 3 Novembre 2023
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