Provincial Custody Programs

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The function of Provincial Custody Programs is to provide safe and secure custody for youth and adult offenders and to provide programs that address the factors that lead to criminal behaviour to assist with the successful reintegration of offenders into the community.

The legal mandate of adult corrections is to administer sentences imposed by the courts, including intermittent/weekend sentences, those offenders remanded and/or held in temporary lockup, as well as offenders under federal /provincial parole, immigration, and federal exchange of services agreements.  The legal mandate of youth corrections is to administer sentences imposed by the courts, and those offenders remanded pending court procedures, as well as temporary detention.

Custody is comprised of three institutions, two adult facilities and one dually designated youth facility. 

Where are the current facilities located? 

Provincial Correctional Centre, Charlottetown

The Provincial Correctional Centre opened in 1979 and houses male and female offenders in a variety of classifications. The Provincial Correctional Centre has 124 beds plus temporary lockup capacity. 

Prince County Correctional Centre, Summerside

Prince County Correctional Centre opened in 1876. The facility has an 18 bed capacity for male offenders. No female offenders are housed long term at this facility.

PEI Youth Centre, Summerside  

The PEI Youth Centre opened in 1988 and currently has two levels of custody: secure custody and open custody.  Open custody may be ordered if the court believes you will respect basic rules and privileges and do not require the level of security found in secure custody. Secure custody is ordered if you require a higher level of security. Secure custody is usually for youth found guilty of committing a serious crime, who have a pattern of committing crimes or who are not suitable for open custody supervision.

The facility includes a residential building, a main complex and a large courtyard.  The secure and open custody units are located in the same residential building, but are two completely separate units. Each unit contains eight single bedrooms. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Provincial Custody Manager
Community and Correctional Services
Phone: (902) 432-2528
Fax: (902) 432-2851


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le 22 Juillet 2022
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Phone: 902-432-2528
Fax: 902-432-2851