Nursing Job Opportunities

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Prince Edward Island has a range of health positions available for nurses and nurse practitioners.

Nurses make a valuable difference in the lives of Islanders whether it is providing care to patients in our Island hospitals, comfort to seniors in our long-term care facilities, or assistance to families in PEI communities.

Nursing positions designated by Health PEI

The Nurse Practitioner positions listed below may be eligible for a recruitment financial incentive

To apply, please visit:

Nurse Practitioner Positions 

Full Time Permanent

152930 - Nurse Practitioner Primary Health Care Network West Prince (Primary Site: Tignish Health Center)

152770 - Nurse Practitioner (Home Care)

153381 - Nurse Practitioner (Tignish Health Center)

152804 - Nurse Practitioner (Queens Home Care)

154393 - Nurse Practitioner (Queens West Primary Care, Four Neighbourhoods Health Centre, Charlottetown)

154711 - Nurse Practitioner (East Prince Primary Care Network - Primary location, Slemon Park)

155552 - Nurse Practitioner (East Prince Primary Care Network - Primary Sites: Shared between Sea Isle Medical and Granville Street Medical, Summerside)


Full Time Temporary 

152609 - Nurse Practitioner (Transition in Care) Mental Health & Addictions Campus, Charlottetown

154095 - Nurse Practitioner (O’Leary Health Centre, O’Leary)

153924 - Nurse Practitioner (Kings Primary Care Network)

155419 - Nurse Practitioner (Queens West Primary Care Network/Queens Central)

154411 - Nurse Practitioner (Harbourside Health Centre, Summerside)

155392 - Nurse Practitioner (NICU, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Charlottetown)

156585 - Nurse Practitioner (Queens East Primary Care Network, Polyclinic Medical Centre, Charlottetown) 


Registered Nurse Positions

The PEI Public Service Commission processes job applications for nursing vacancies in the health system and other areas of provincial government. From the link below, select NURSING to view current Registered Nurse postings.  Postings which appear in bold are eligible for a financial incentive. 

Internationally Educated Nurses

If you are an internationally educated nurse interested in nursing job opportunities in Prince Edward Island, learn more about eligibility.

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le 14 Juin 2023