Driving with an Out-of-Province License

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It is important to note under the Highway Traffic Act, newcomers may use their driver`s license to drive in Prince Edward Island for up to four months after they become a resident of the Province.

This period of time will be extended if an individual has started but not completed the driver license exchange process within the four months.

Also drivers with a 6 month Visitor`s Visa are not required or eligible for a PEI driver`s license.

These Visitors may drive for the duration of their Visitor`s Visa.

A non-resident employed in the PEI agricultural or fishing industry under the Government of Canada Guest Worker Program and hold a valid foreign driver’s license equal to a PEI Class 5 and an International Driver’s Permit, may operate a vehicle that requires a Class 5 driver’s license in this province for up to eight months in any one year without being required to do a driver`s license exchange.

Note: Individuals attending university or college full-time may drive in PEI with their license as long as it is valid and, if required, accompanied by an International Driver's Permit.

How do I transfer my license to a PEI driver’s License?

For a PEI license to drive passenger vehicles and motorcycles, you must pass a vision test, pay the appropriate fees and provide the required documents in person at any Access PEI location.

You will not need to pass a written knowledge exam and driving test if your original driver’s license is from Canada, United States or one of the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man)

If your original driver’s license is not from one the countries listed above, you must also:

In cases where documents such as a driver`s license lack adequate or verifiable security features necessary for authentication, additional documents will be required to support the authenticity of the submitted documents. 

For example, when an official document is required from the driver license issuing country,  NO photocopies, faxes or scanned documents will be accepted.

Note: If you have just moved to Prince Edward Island from outside Canada, helpful information about driving and licensing is available in multiple languages at PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada/Driving and Registering a Car

What documents do I need to exchange my license at Access PEI?

You will need the following documents in order to exchange your out-of-province license to a PEI licence.

  • A valid photo driver's license from your home jurisdiction;
  • Two documents that show your current address in Prince Edward Island such as a:
    • phone bill,
    • electric bill,
    • personal cheque,
    • mail from federal or provincial government,
    • rental agreement,
    • mortgage papers,
    • letter from your employer, or
    • any other address-related document that maybe approved;
  • If required, a certified translation of your driver's licence or a translation provided by PEI Association of Newcomers to Canada Interpretation and Translation Services; and
  • Immigration documents that show your legal status and length of stay in Canada.

Note: Proficiency testing is available if you have refugee status from a non-reciprocity country and you do not have primary documents.

How do I arrange to have the licensing tests? 

Contact any Access PEI to arrange an appointment for all licensing tests. Driving examinations are only conducted at the following Access PEI offices: Alberton, Charlottetown, Montague, Souris and Summerside.

Driving tests are based on the driving rules and other information contained in the Driver’s Handbook which is available in print from any Access PEI location and online. Download the Driver’s Handbook.

The Driver’s Handbook is also available in other languages:

You will need to bring your own vehicle. Once you pass the driving test, provide the required documents (listed above) and pay the appropriate fees, you will receive a PEI Driver’s License.

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le 27 Juillet 2020
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