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This online service is for MEP clients and enforcement staff from reciprocating jurisdictions to exchange information with the PEI Maintenance Enforcement Program.  You can log in to the MEP website as a payee, someone receiving child and/or spousal support, or a payor, someone paying child and/or spousal support.

Once you enter your personal log-in information, you will see information only for the MEP case your login identifies.

What will I need to be able to log in to PEI MEP site?

To enter this site as a client you must:

  • Choose your client type;
  • Enter the MEP Case Number;
  • Provide your Personal Identification Number (PIN); and
  • Enter your first and last name

Reciprocating jurisdiction staff must select their jurisdiction and provide a password to enter the site.

What if I cannot find my PIN or case number?

For assistance, contact the MEP enforcement officer in charge of your case.

Find more information go to Maintenance Enforcement Program

Keep your information secure. If you are using a computer in a public place, e.g. a library or café, make sure others cannot see your screen or the numbers you are entering. Log out when you are finished. For your security, your session will automatically end after ten minutes  with no activity.

How can I contact the Maintenance Enforcement Program?

Maintenance Enforcement Program
Honourable C.R. McQuaid Family Law Centre
1 Harbourside Access Road
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE   C1A 7N8

Phone: (902) 894-0383
Fax: (902) 368-6934

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Family Law Section
Honourable C.R. McQuaid Family Law Centre
1 Harbourside Access Road
Phone: 902-368-6940
Fax: 902-368-6934