PEI Broadband Fund for Residents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    What is the start date of the program?

  • Program eligibility date is April 1, 2021. Installations meeting the PEI Broadband Fund for Residents criteria occurring on or after April 1, 2021 are eligible to apply.     
  • Projects of $500 or greater require prior approval before work commences or equipment is purchased.  Innovation PEI may decline to cover project costs not identified in an application or made prior to the applicant receiving an approval email notification.

2.    What is the application end date?

  • The Program will remain open to applications based on budget availability.  

3.    Are cottages or summer homes of full-time PEI residents eligible?

  • PEI Broadband Fund for Residents is available to a full-time PEI resident’s primary civic address.  Secondary homes or cottages are not eligible under the program criteria. 

4.   How can I learn about planned internet service coverage across PEI?

  • For information about work and funding to improve internet service coverage in PEI, please visit PEI's Internet Plan

5.    Is HST Included?

  • If the Applicant (resident) is not eligible to have HST refunded, HST will be included in the reimbursement total.   
  • If the Applicant (resident) is eligible to have HST refunded, HST will not be included in the reimbursement total.  

6.    Is payment upfront required by the Applicant for reimbursement?

No, payment can be sent electronically directly to the Vendor. OR If the Applicant paid the invoice, payment may be made direct to the Applicant’s bank account. 

  • Projects $500 or less
    • Once the project is complete, an Applicant can submit the invoice, proof of payment, and attest the work has been completed at the time of application, based on if the Applicant has paid the invoice.    
  • Projects $500 or greater
    • Reimbursement to the Applicant:  Once the project is approved, equipment purchased and installed, and the project complete (Applicant receiving internet), the Applicant may make claim by submitting the invoice, proof of payment, copy of a void cheque and attesting the work has been completed.  
    • Reimbursement to the Vendor:  Once the project is approved, equipment purchased and installed, and the project complete (Applicant receiving internet), the Applicant submits the invoice, attests the work is completed, and requests payment to be sent directly to the Vendor.

7.    Is there a deadline for making a claim?

  • Yes, Applicants have 6 months from the invoice date to make a claim.  
  • If a request for payment is not received by Innovation PEI within six months of the ISP invoice date, the Applicant will be deemed to have declined the Fund and will have no future claim to payment from the Fund. 

8.    Can businesses apply to this program?

  • No, the PEI Broadband Fund for Residents only accepts applications for the primary residences of permanent full-time residents of Prince Edward Island. 

9.    Does the program include support for equipment? 

  • The PEIBF for residents is focused on providing support for solutions that will improve the ability of a civic address to receive or improve access to a high-speed internet service provider in their local area (up to 50 Mbps download, 10 Mbps upload). Equipment inside the home such as modems, Wi-Fi routers, Wi-Fi boosters, ethernet adapters, or routers is not eligible.
  • Equipment purchased prior to submission of an application and receipt of an approval email notification is not eligible.  Applications must be submitted, and an approval email notification received before an Applicant purchases equipment.

10.    Are installation costs covered?

  • Yes, installation costs of required equipment may be considered by certified 3rd party operators to a maximum of $350 (including taxes).
  • If the installation cost is greater than $350., the Applicant is responsible for the balance of the bill.

11.    Who is responsible for the equipment and infrastructure?

  • Maintenance, upgrade, or removal of equipment or infrastructure is the responsibility of the Applicant or ISP.
  • Projects supported by the program, including equipment and infrastructure are owned by the Applicant.

12.    Is fibre to a home covered?

  • Yes, running fibre/cable to the home down a driveway which is greater than 300 feet from the road will be considered. Connection fees are not covered.

13.    Can a person apply for more than one location? 

  • No, the application must be for the resident’s primary residence.

14.    Can I boost my signal?

  • No, the PEI Broadband Fund for Residents is designed to provide a full-time PEI resident that does not currently have access to a high-speed internet service (50 / 10 Mbps) provider in their local area. with access to internet service or improved high-speed internet up to 50 / 10 Mbps to their primary residence civic address.  Signal boosting to other dwellings at the civic address and/or to neighbouring civic addresses is not an eligible activity.

15.    What if my speed is not reaching the advertised speed of the ISP?

  • Residents that subscribe to or have access to 50 / 10 Mbps service and experiencing internet speeds below the advertised service, are to first contact their service provider to discuss solutions.

16.    Client is having trouble submitting an application.

  • Applicants should ensure the browser is up-to-date and for best results, Chrome is recommended.  If difficulty submitting an application continues, try another browser such as Firefox, etc, or contact Innovation PEI using the inquiry form.
  • Hard copy applications can be requested by contacting Innovation PEI here

17.    Can an applicant contact more than one vendor to receive advice?

  • Yes, an applicant can contact more than one internet service provider and choose the best solution that works for them.    

18.    What Service Providers are eligible?

19.    Can Applicants access other IPEI supports for the project? 

  • No, up to 100% funding is provided under the PEI Broadband Fund for Residents.
  • Previous recipients of the PEI Broadband Residential Pilot who received the maximum contribution are not eligible.  If your service speed has significantly changed, please make an inquiry here or contact your service provider to discuss solutions.

20.    How will I know if I was approved?

  • Applications that are complete and accurate and include all the required attachments will be processed in order of receipt.  
  • Due to the high demand in applications, the processing time is between 2-4 weeks.
  • Once reviewed, applicants will receive an electronic email notification to the provided email address.  Please use an active email address in your application for communication purposes and check your spam often.

21.    Do I need a permit?

  • Any permit requirements are the sole responsibility of the applicant or contractor.

22.    Can I purchase equipment or completed the project prior to submitting my application?

  • If your project is greater than $500, you must first receive pre-approval by submitting your application and awaiting an electronic response.
  • If your project is less than $500, you may complete the work and submit your invoice with your application. 
Published date: 
April 14, 2022