Plans unveiled for the new Stratford High School

Left to right: Silva Stojak - Architect/Partner Nine Yards, Minister Burridge, Minister Jameson, Minister Redmond, Stacey Hughes - Managing Principal Architecture49.

After extensive consultation and planning, the province is pleased to unveil the design for a new Stratford High School.

The new school will have an open concept university feel to the design, with a two-story library including a café, moveable walls in certain areas, and an abundance of space for small group learning and collaborative working areas. 

Groundwork for the new school will get underway this summer.

The building was designed with growth in mind. It will occupy approximately 34 acres of the Community Campus in Stratford and is designed for a student enrollment of 750 students. To address any future student population growth, an area of the site has been designated to allow for additional classrooms to be added in the future. The school property includes sports fields for soccer, rugby and field hockey, a multi-use sports court and space for outdoor classrooms for alternative learning environments.

The school will be net zero ready and fully electric, designed with energy efficiency in mind. The site will also include charger stations for electric cars and electric school buses.


“Building new schools and improving educational infrastructure is an investment in students, families and communities. Government is proud to partner with the Public Schools Branch to develop such a modern, energy efficient facility. This will benefit the entire school community for generations and help prepare students for opportunities in the workforce and in life.”

-    Hon. Ernie Hudson, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

“This is going to be an exceptionally modern high school, where students will have plenty of room to learn and explore their own creativity.  We are pleased to see the design coming together and we want to give parents this opportunity to ask questions and provide input. The new facility will have an almost university feel to it, with open concepts and modern seating. It has been designed with student safety and learning as priorities. It should help prepare students for what the learning structure is at many post-secondary institutions, plus allow for more collaborative and cross discipline learning." 
-    Hon. Natalie Jameson, Minister of Education and Early Years

"We stand on the cusp of an exciting new era, while we have had numerous renovations and school buildings replaced, Stratford High School will be the first new school added to the Public Schools Branch since its inception. This cutting-edge portion of the Stratford Community Campus will foster diverse learning styles, encouraging every student to flourish in their own unique way. Moreover, it will serve as a hub for the Town of Stratford, radiating education, opportunity, community involvement and community spirit. We believe in the transformative power of education, and with this new school, we reaffirm our commitment to shaping future generations who will innovate, inspire, and lead.”
-    Norbert Carpenter, Director of the Public Schools Branch
Quick facts: 

  • The Stratford High School Planning Committee was formed and began meeting in January 2021.
  • Preliminary estimates predict that the province’s capital investment into this project will be approximately $79 million.
  • Nine Yards Studio Inc. has been the prime consultant on the design work for the school.
  • The Stratford High School is one element of the Town of Stratford’s planned Community Campus

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Stratford High School is aimed at transforming every space into a learning environment. Central to the new design is the capability for future expansion, reflecting Stratford's rapid growth. Multipurpose spaces are envisioned to adapt to evolving technology, curricula, and teaching methods over the building's projected 50-year lifespan. The design promotes creative and collaborative learning, embracing universal design principles to ensure accessibility and safety for all students.

Natural light, safety, and security are paramount, with transparent layouts providing clear sightlines to improve the learning environment. The design also incorporates outdoor learning spaces, facilitating a connection with the natural environment and promoting direct interaction with nature. Shared community functionalities are being considered to allow the community access to common areas after school hours.

21st-century technology is to be seamlessly integrated throughout the school, reflecting the modern emphasis on digital education. Sustainability is also key, with the school intended to be a ‘Net Zero Ready’ building and features designed for easy maintenance and comfort.

The project was shaped by an inclusive consultation process that sought input from various stakeholders. The planning committee reviewed and considered feedback from the “Community Campus” consultation hosted by the Town of Stratford. They also considered the findings of the PSB Stratford High Development Committee's final report.

The committee conducted two sessions with student representatives from Charlottetown Rural, drawing insights from the learners' perspectives. The team gained inspiration and practical ideas from touring successful new builds in Nova Scotia in the summer of 2022.

To date, expert insights have been obtained through close to 40 formal meetings, in addition to numerous informal interactions, with teachers, curriculum leaders, professional consultants and other subject matter experts from across the region. These diverse inputs, combined with the expertise and extensive experience of our architectural consultants, have informed us to this stage of the design process. With these in place, the project ensures that Stratford High School will be a community-centered, future-ready educational institution.

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