Operate a Food Premises Licence - Online Application

You must have a licence to operate a food premises or to prepare and/or serve food to the public at any location - a super market, canteen, farmer’s market, craft fair, special/fundraising event, or home-based food/catering service, etc.

Your food premises licence will expire on March 31st and must be renewed each year.

An exemption exists for food premises owned, operated, or leased by religious organizations, service clubs, and non-profit organizations where low- risk food, such as sweets, muffins, loaves, is prepared or served by the group. However, a Class 4 licence (no fee) is required if the organization is preparing high-risk food such as sandwiches, meat dishes, casseroles, or hosting large fundraising dinners.   There is no expiration date for a class 4 license

What do I need to apply for the licence online?

If you are requesting a new licence, you will need to provide:

  • a written description and plan of the site, building and equipment;
  • information respecting the food to be served in the food premises or at the event;
  • a sanitation plan, which identifies all chemicals used for cleaning and sanitizing as well as the protocols that will be followed;
  • a recent bacterial water sample report for any premise connected to a private water supply; and
  • proof that the license holder (or another staff person in their absence) has completed a food hygiene training program.

For a licence renewal, you must:

  • submit the application and the applicable fee;
  • provide information outlining any changes that were made to the operation since the issuance of the existing licence;
  • provide a recent bacterial water sample report for any premise that is connected to a private water supply; and
  • provide proof that the licence holder (or another staff person in their absence) has completed a food hygiene training program.

How long will it take to complete the online application?

With the required documentation and fees, you can complete the application in less than 20 minutes.

What is the fee for a licence to operate a food premises?

The type of service you provide will determine the level of licensing required and the fee you must pay. If you know what licence you require, you can use this service to apply online. 

  • Class 1A ($150) – more than 25 seats where food is consumed on site, i.e. supermarket, restaurant, dining room, retail bakery
  • Class 1B ($75) – 25 seats or less where food is consumed on site, i.e. café, canteen
  • Class 2 ($55) – food consumed off site, i.e. take-out, market vendor, convenience store, retail meat outlets, breweries, wineries and distilleries
  • Class 3A ($37.50) –vendor with temporary food service at one event per year
  • Class 3B ($55) – vendor providing temporary food service at more than one event per year, OR or an event (with food vendors/service) organizer 
  • Class 4 (no fee) – community or religious organization or institution where food is prepared, stored or served primarily to clients of the licence holder or where food service is non-commercial, i.e. banquet facility, school cafeteria, hospital.
  • NOTE: If you are applying as a NEW VENDOR from January to March 31st only, discount will be applied to your on-line application. 

Food licensing regulations, requirements and current fees and food safety courses are explained in Food Premises Program

I'm applying for a new license.  How long is the licensing process?

Allow at least two weeks to be contacted by an Environmental Health Officer to arrange for an inspection.  You will receive a printed copy of your license within two weeks of your approval inspection.  An approval inspection is required before you can begin operating your new food premises.

Please note that incomplete applications will delay the process as an Environmental Health Officer will need to request the required information to review.

I'm applying to renew my license.  How long will it be until I receive it?

If you submit your renewal application prior to the new licensing year and there is no missing information (such as a current water sample if required), you should receive the printed copy of your license on time for the new licensing year or earlier.

If you submit your renewal application later in the year, you should receive the printed copy within approximately two weeks.

Add a Reminder

Click “Add a reminder” (right-hand margin) to request a notification when it’s time to renew your licence to operate a food premises. An automated message will be sent to the email address you provide on the date you select. Please note: ALL food premises licences expire on March 31st of each year. Please schedule your reminder email accordingly.


This service accepts payments using VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCard.

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