Regulatory amendments will help improve wait times for building permits

Amendments to the Building Codes Act Regulations will help reduce wait times for building permits and support increased development in Prince Edward Island. 

The amendments allow for the creation of intern level building officials in the province with the authority to review and approve smaller-scale building projects such as single-story accessory buildings and decks. 

In 2022, the Province of Prince Edward Island issued approximately 1,250 building permits. This generated 1,250 plan reviews and 3,750 site inspections. These inspections are mandatory and currently must be completed by higher level Building Officials. 

The introduction of an intern level building officials will reduce the workload of the province’s building officials allowing them to focus efforts on large-scale projects suited to their training and experience. This amendment also pertains to municipal Building Officials and will provide more flexibility when filling vacancies or new positions within municipalities that have retained responsibility for administering the National Building Code in their jurisdiction.

“Prince Edward Island needs to rapidly increase our supply of housing across the entire continuum. Not only to ensure our current residents are safely and securely housed but to support our anticipated population growth. We need to take a look how we can reduce barriers to development to support more housing, and diverse housing, that enables households to better match with housing they want and can afford.”

- Housing, Land, and Communities Minister Rob Lantz

With another busy construction season occurring across the province, it is recommended that individuals submit their building and development applications well in advance of their proposed start date. 

Government has committed to reducing wait times for building permits to less than 30 days; further amendments are expected to assist in meeting this goal.

For more information on building and development permits, visit: Building and Development in PEI.

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