Women and Gender-Diverse Islanders invited to take part in health survey

Women and gender-diverse people can help form a new health strategy by giving their input through an online survey. 

The Department of Health and Wellness has been working for several months on a Women and Gender-Diverse Islanders’ Health Strategy and is looking to the insights and experiences of Islanders to help in its work.

“The strategy will look at ways to improve the health and wellbeing of women and gender-diverse Islanders at each life stage and across different settings. The survey will help us determine what is working well, identify areas for improvement, and explore potential solutions.” 

- Health and Wellness Minister Ernie Hudson

The survey is confidential and anonymous, and Islanders can take part until November 30, 2021.

“Women and gender-diverse people have wide ranging and intensely personal experiences that influence their health. It is important for government to listen to their voices in developing health strategies for these populations,” said Mary Acorn, principal advisor of women’s health. “We know that our health is impacted by access to health services and other things such as social supports, income and cultural acceptance, also have huge impacts.”  

There are two separate surveys to focus on the distinct needs of women and gender-diverse persons. Each one takes about five minutes and asks questions related to:

  • access and navigation to healthcare services;
  • overcoming stigmas and shaping norms;
  • better coordination, integration and collaboration of services; and,
  • research, education and information.

The survey targeting women’s health is available online at: Women's Health Survey.

The survey targeting gender-diverse people’s health is available online at: Gender-Diverse Islanders’ Health Survey.

Hard copies are available by contacting Calleen Gillis at or 902-218-0241.

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