Free Heat Pumps for Income Qualified Islanders

You can call 1-833-734-1873 to book an appointment at Access PEI to check your eligibility for a free heat pump for your home. You can also apply online by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page.

Am I eligible for a free heat pump?

Islanders with an annual household income of $35,000 or less may be eligible for a free heat pump for their home. To be eligible, you must own your home and the property must be valued at $300,000 or less (tax assessed value).

You can apply online or you can book an appointment to apply and get your income assessed at your local Access PEI location. Book by calling 1-833-734-1873. 

Getting ready to apply 

You will need to provide proof of your household income at your appointment or when you apply online. 

Your proof of income is your GST Credit Notice showing your net family income (to be eligible, this should be $35,000 or less), marital status and province of residence. This information is contained in the first two pages of your GST notice. We need both pages. Please note – this document is different than your Notice of Assessment for your taxes. We can’t use that document to assess your income.

Visit the Canada Revenue Agency's web page for a sample GST notice. If you don’t have a GST notice, you can contact the Canada Revenue Agency for assistance at 1-800-387-1193.

Your property must be valued at $300,000 or less (tax assessed value) to be eligible. Your tax assessed value may be different than the market value of your house, so if you are unsure, we can check your tax assessed property value for you at your appointment.

If you choose to apply online, you will need to know your taxed assessed property value before you apply. A property tax bill will contain this information. This bill is mailed to property owners in May of each year. If you are a property owner and you do not receive a property tax bill in May contact Taxation and Property Records.

How do I get my heat pump?

If you qualify, Access PEI staff will connect you with a contractor who will do the installation of the heat pump.

You can expect two visits from your contractor.

First, they will visit your home to determine where your heat pump will be installed. Your contractor will have a list of eligible heat pumps under this program, so you should discuss your heating needs with your contractor to help them determine what model to install.

Second, the contractor will return to install your free heat pump. After installation, government will pay the contractor for your heat pump.

After your heat pump is installed, government may conduct a quality assurance inspection to make sure an eligible heat pump was installed. If this inspection is required, government will contact you to arrange a time for this inspection.

What if I'm not eligible for a free heat pump?

There are rebates available to all Islanders on heat pump installations, including larger rebates for income qualified Islanders. Government also offers loans to help you purchase a heat pump with no upfront costs.

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