Community Care Facilities and Private Nursing Homes

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The Department of Health and Wellness is responsible for inspecting and licensing of Community Care Facilities and Private Nursing Homes in the province pursuant to the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act.

What are the care facility options in PEI?

The two main care homes are community care facilities and nursing homes. Where a person chooses to live depends on the person's needs and care requirements. When individuals require light care, assistance with meals, bathing, medications, laundry and general basic supports for everyday living they may choose to live in a Community Care Facility. When individuals require a higher level of care with nursing supervision they may qualify for a nursing home. 

What care facilities exist in PEI?

More than 50 facilities provide long-term care in PEI. Presently, there are 36 Community Care Facilities and 9 Private Nursing Homes that have met inspection standards and have been granted an operating license. These facilities are distributed tip to tip from Tignish to Souris so that Islanders can receive care close to their family and friends.

What is the role of inspection and licensing?

The role of licensing and inspection is ensuring safe, appropriate health care services and well-being of residents living in private nursing homes and community care facilities. 

Inspections are conducted to ensure these facilities comply with regulatory requirements to be licensed to operate. Licensing requirements are defined by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act and Regulations, Board policies, and the related Operational and Care Service Standards. All facilities are required to hold an active license to operate.

Facilities are required to renew their license each year and must pass a series of inspections including care services, dietary, fire, environmental, building, boiler, and electrical in order to be relicensed by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board. Inspections may be at any reasonable time, may be unannounced and can take a number of days to complete depending on the size of the facility.  Where the Board deems it necessary, facilities may be subject to more frequent inspection visits.

Inspection findings are reviewed with the operators and a completed inspection report is provided. The inspection reports found on this web site contain all information related to care service inspections. 

Who can issue an operating license to a facility?

  • Licenses are issued by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board, a corporate body appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellness as outlined in the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act.
  • The Board, reporting to the Minister of Health and Wellness, acts on the Minister's behalf to ensure facilities comply with requirements under the legislation and standards and grant licenses. 

Is resident care regulated in public and private facilities?

  • Yes. The purpose of regulation is to ensure the provision of quality safe care for residents. The method of regulation differs somewhat for public facilities in that they operate under Health PEI and are subject to accreditation reviews and must satisfy requirements per the organizational practices.
  • Private facilities  per the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Act and Regulations and standards are subject to inspections which verify the facility's compliance with standards.

How do Islanders access care services?

Assessments to confirm a persons care needs are conducted prior to admission to a care facility. Further information regarding assessments may be requested. Placement of persons in long-term care nursing homes is managed by Health PEI. A single point of entry is used to determine and set priority for access to all long-term care nursing home beds (public or private).

Where a person is assessed at requiring community care facility support, a person may chose where they wish to live based on availability.  People are encouraged to visit facilities, tour and speak to staff at the facility to determine what facility will best suit their needs.

Is there financial assistance?

If you or a family member requires financial support to access community care, residents can make an application through the Social Assistance Program.  For financial support to access long-term care services, see Long-term Care.

The Province sets a subsidy rate for private nursing homes and community care facilities for recipients of Social Assistance only.  Rates for self-paying residents may vary from subsidy rates.

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