Grades 10 to 12 Curriculum


Dramatic Arts DRA701A
Music Curriculum Grades 7-12
Music MUS801A
Visual Arts ART401A
Visual Arts ART501A
Visual Arts ART601A/621A

Business Education

Accounting ACC801A 
Career Exploration & Opportunities CEO401A

Career and Technical Education


Introduction to Auto Service Technology AUT701A
Basic Powertrain AUT801A
Brake Systems AUT801B
Electrical Systems AUT801C
Steering Systems AUT801D
Suspension Systems AUT801E


Introduction to Carpentry Technology CAR701A
Framing Systems Level I CAR801A
Framing Systems Level II CAR801B
Construction Skills Level I CAR801C
Construction Skills Level II CAR801D
Carpenter Apprenticeship Prep CAR801E


Robotics ROB801A


Introduction to Welding Technology WEL701A
Shielded Metal Arc Welding WEL801A
Gas Metal Arc Welding Level I WEL801B
Gas Metal Arc Welding Level II WEL801C
Flux Core Arc Welding  WEL801D
Gas Tungstun Arc Welding WEL801E

Communications and Information Technology

Introductory Computer Studies CMP521A
Computer Studies CMP621A
Applied Digital Communication ADC701A
Creative Multimedia CMM801A 
Design Technology 

Technology Integration

English Technology Integration
Mathematics Technology Integration
Science Technology Integration
Social Studies Technology Integration

Cooperative/Career Education

Cooperative Education Curriculum Grades 10-12 
Peer Helping 501/601A Curriculum Guide

Core French

Core French Curriculum Grades 10-12


Culinary Curriculum Grades 10-12

English as an Additional Language

Foundational Level EAL771A
Introductory/Beginner Level Listening and Speaking EAL701A
Introductory/Beginner Level Reading and Writing EAL701B
Intermediate Level Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing EAL701C
High Intermediate/Advanced Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing EAL701D

French Immersion

French Immersion Curriculum Grade 10
French Immersion Curriculum Grade 11
French Immersion Curriculum Grade 12

Independent Study

Independent Study Curriculum ISC521A/621A
Independent Study Application

Language Arts

English Language Arts Curriculum ENG421A/B
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG521A
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG621A
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG471A/B
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG471C
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG571A/B & C
English Language Arts Curriculum ENG671A & C
Writing Exemplars for ENG421A
Writing Exemplars for ENG621A
Writing WRT421A
Creative Writing WRT521A


Mathematics MAT421A
Mathematics MAT421K
Mathematics MAT521A
Mathematics MAT521A 2023-2024 Draft
Mathematics MAT521B
Mathematics MAT521B 2023-2024 Draft
Mathematics MAT521E
Mathematics MAT521K
Mathematics MAT621A
Mathematics MAT621B
Mathematics MAT621B 2023-2024 Draft
Mathematics MAT621K
Mathematics MAT611B
Applied Mathematics MAT801A

Physical Education

Physical Education - Wellness PED401A
Physical Education - Leadership PED621A
Physical Education - Physical Literacy PED801A



Agriscience AGS801A/621A

Animal Science

Animal Science AGR801A/621A


Biology BIO521A
Biology BIO621A
Human Biology BIO801A


Chemistry CHM521A
Chemistry CHM621A

Environmental Science

Environmental Science ENV621A


Physics PHY521A
Physics PHY621A


Science SCI421A
Science SCI431A
Applied Science SCI701A

Social Studies

Canadian Studies

Canadian Studies CAS401A

Civics & Citizenship

Civics and Citizenship - CIV421A


Introductory Economics ECO621A


Geography of Canada GEO421A
Global Studies GEO521A
World Geography GEO531A
Global Issues GEO621A
Global Issues Student Guide for GEO621A
Global Issues GEO631A
Global Issues Student Guide for GEO631A


Canadian History HIS621A
Prince Edward Island History HIS621B
Prince Edward Island History - The Old Stock (HIS621B)
World History 521A


Introductory Law LAW521A
Canadian Law LAW531A 


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February 22, 2024
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