About the Anti-Racism Office

The Anti-Racism Office was established to oversee the implementation of the Anti-Racism Action Plan. It will ensure a collaborative, whole-of-government approach is used to address systemic racism, promote diversity and achieve anti-racist results. The Office will work collaboratively with departments to ensure government policy, programs, and services are designed in sensitive and responsive ways that address the needs of racialized and Indigenous communities and groups and the intersectionality within those communities.

The following are the guiding principles of the Anti- Racism Office:

  • Engagement - Consistent, meaningful engagement with racialized communities, Indigenous communities, and local ethnocultural organizations is essential to creating equity-based and anti-racist policies
  • Accountability - Staff and institutions are transparent, and responsible, and develop frameworks to assess key measurements of success and intended impacts
  • Best Interests of the community - Our work is driven, informed, and directed by the needs of racialized and Indigenous communities

Role of the Anti-Racism Office

The Anti-Racism Office will:

  • Support the use and application of an anti-racism lens, including intersectional approaches
  • Work with departments to apply an anti-racism lens on new and existing policies, legislation, programs, services and strategies
  • Continue engagement across government to better address racism and discrimination
  • Develop anti-racism tools and resources for internal and external use
  • Conduct research and jurisdictional scans to identify anti-racism best practices, educational materials, and resources
  • Offer training, in partnership with the Public Service Commission (PSC) and support to all government departments
  • Build and maintain relationships with key ethnocultural organizations, Indigenous organizations, and community stakeholders
  • Continue engagement with, and support to the Anti-Racism Table
  • Enhance opportunities for appropriate collection and use of disaggregated data

Anti-Racism Office Team

  • Dante Bazard, Manager of Anti-Racism Initiatives
  • Victor Bickersteth, Anti-Racism Program Intern
  • Anti-Racism Policy Advisor TBA
Find more information about the Anti-Racism Action Plan here.
Published date: 
June 21, 2023
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