Getting a Marriage License in PEI

You must have a PEI marriage license before you can be married on PEI

How long in advance should I get my marriage license?

A marriage license is valid for three months. It will be issued on site so you do not have to wait for it to be processed or delivered to you.

How do I get my marriage licence?

  1. Book an appointment:
  2. Both you and your future spouse are required to attend the appointment to get your marriage licence.
  3. Marriage Officiant: Your marriage officiant must be registered with Vital Statistics and confirmed to perform your marriage ceremony before your licence will be issued.
  4. Required Documentation: Bring the following documentation to your appointment:
    1. Valid birth certificates issued from your birth province or country; 
    2. Valid photo identification (ie: passport, driver’s licence or other government issued ID);
    3. Marriage ceremony details: date, location and the name of the officiant confirmed to perform your ceremony.
    4. Marriage licence fee in the amount of $100 (payable in cash, debit or credit card);
    5. If you are a PEI Resident:
      • Provincial Health Card
    6. If you are under the age of 18:
      • you must provide a Consent Form signed by applicant’s parents. In order to get the Consent Form, please contact Vital Statistics head office by phone at 902-838-0880 or by email at
    7. If you have previous been married:
      • If you are divorced, please ensure that your divorce is complete. You must provide a compared and certified true copy of your Certificate of Divorce (also called a Divorce Decree) with the seal intact. A Divorce Judgment, Divorce Order or Separation Agreement is not the same as a Certificate of Divorce. You will not be issued a Marriage License if you are unable to provide your Divorce Certificate. If you would like to confirm you have the correct paper work, please contact Vital Statistics head office by phone at 902-838-0880 or by email at
      • If you are widowed,  you must provide the original government-issued death certificate of your former spouse.
  5. You will both be required to take an oath on religious text or make a solemn affirmation (as required under subsection 14(2) of the Marriage Act). You are welcome to bring your preferred religious text to the appointment with you.
  6. At this appointment, you will receive a marriage registration package for the clergy or officiant performing your marriage ceremony.
  7. You must have two credible adult witnesses (age 18 or older) in attendance at your marriage ceremony.  Both of you, your two witnesses and your marriage officiant must sign the legal Statement of Marriage that will be registered at Vital Statistics.

What is the fee for a marriage licence?

Find current service fees and expenses in the table of Vital Statistics Service Fees.

What if I live out of province but want to get married in PEI?

If you live outside the province you will still have to follow the process described above. If your offical documents are issued in a language other than English or French you are responsible for having it officially translated and notarized.  You must present both the original certificate and the translated document at the time of licensing.


Published date: 
September 5, 2023
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