Information about PEI’s 911 System

Call 911 to report a fire, report a crime, or save a life.


The 911 Administration Office is responsible for the province’s Emergency 911 (call answer/transfer) System under the Emergency 911 Act

What happens when I call 911?

The 911 call-taker will answer the phone and say “911, What is your emergency?” 

Then the call-taker:

  • asks about your emergency
  • confirms the emergency location
  • asks for your call-back number
  • transfers to the emergency responder and tells them about your call
  • connects you directly with the appropriate emergency service

Does the 911 call-taker see my personal information?

If you are calling from a landline home phone, the call-taker sees the name of the telephone subscriber, civic address and phone number. This information will not be available if you are using a cellular phone.

What if I call 911 by mistake?

Do not hang-up! Explain the situation to the 911 call-taker.

If I am not sure whether it is an emergency, should I still call 911?

Yes. When in doubt call 911. For non-emergency health information call 811, or dial 711(TTY) if you have a hearing impairment.

Can I use a cell phone or a pay phone to call 911?

Yes. It is very important that you tell the 911 call-taker your exact location and the number you are calling from, in addition to information about the emergency. 911 calls from pay phones are free.

Can I pre-program 911 into the auto/speed call memory of a telephone?

No. It is illegal to set 911 as an automatic or speed dial number on your landline or cellular phone. This is to reduce the amount of accidental calls.

How does a person with a hearing disability call 911?

You can reach 911 by either using a TTY (text telephone) which is designed for communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or you can register your cell phone for the Text with 911 service.  For more information on assistance for someone with a hearing impairment, please contact our 911 Administration Office.

Can I call the 911 service if I don’t speak English?

Yes. The PEI 911 call-takers have a translation service that they can connect to in less than one minute. This translation service is available in 156 languages.

Can I use the provincial 911 service from my VoIP phone?

Yes, you can but there may be issues with some VoIP 911 emergency calling functions. You should contact your service provider for more information.

How can I help my children learn more about the 911 service?

We offer some tips for teaching children about 911

What is the 911 cost recovery fee?

The 911 cost recovery fee is a monthly charge, shared by telephone subscribers to ensure that the province's 911 service remains up to date and is available to provide emergency services to Prince Edward Island. 

How much is the 911 cost recovery fee?

The 911 cost recovery fee is 70 cents, and is billed to each telephone subscriber in the province through their telephone service provider.

Civic Addressing

The 911 Administration Office also maintains the provincial civic addressing database which is very important for the operation of the 911 service. This includes the following services:

  • coordinating official names for private and public roads
  • assigning new civic addresses
  • defining emergency service zones

Do I need a civic address?

Yes. Not only is it required by law, but it is extremely important to display your civic number so that emergency responders can easily see it, day or night. 

How do I find out what my civic address is?

If you live in a city or town, contact your local Municipal Office. If you live in rural PEI, contact the 911 Administration Office at the number listed below.

How do I obtain a civic address for a new construction?

If you don’t have a building permit, you must first apply for a building permit through the Department of Communities, Land and Environment. You can get an application at any Access PEI site.

Once you have a building permit you can request a civic address for your property.  You can fill out this online form or contact the 911 Administration Office at the number listed below.

Where do I get a new or replacement civic address sign?

Your sign must adhere to the provincial civic address sign specifications. Most sign shops in PEI are able to make the number signs according to the specifications, so you may go to the sign shop of your choice. Learn more about civic address signs and how your sign must be installed on your property.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any questions about 911 or civic addressing, please contact the 911 Administration Office, Office of Public Safety:

Telephone: (902) 894-0385
(Toll Free) 1-887-894-0385

Published date: 
November 3, 2020