Registering a Birth

If your baby is born in a PEI hospital, the birth is recorded and officially registered with Vital Statistics. Parents sign the Statement of Birth confirming the information is correct before mother and baby are discharged from hospital. 

What is a Statement of Birth?

A Statement of Birth is a legal document. Make sure your child’s name is spelled correctly. This document will be used for your child’s birth certificate, Social Insurance Number and future identity documents such as a passport and driver’s licence.

What information is recorded on my child’s Statement of Birth?

You will be asked to provide or confirm the following:

  • Your baby’s full name – Confirm that the correct spelling and preferred order is used.
  • The date and location of your baby’s birth
  • Your baby’s birth weight, and
  • The full name, birth date and birthplace for both parents.

As you complete your baby’s Statement of Birth you are able to also apply for additional government services.

What additional government services could I apply to access?

Vital Statistics will process your child’s birth registration and initiate the application process for:

  1. PEI Health Card
  2. Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada 
  3. Canada child benefits (Canadian Revenue Agency)

What if both parents are not there to sign the Statement of Birth?

If only one parent signs the Statement of Birth, a signed Statutory Declaration stating the reason for the missing information will be filed at Vital Statistics with your child’s birth registration. This document will be necessary for you to amend the birth registration at a later time.

What if we haven’t named our baby before leaving the hospital?

If you have not selected a full name for your baby before leaving the hospital, the incomplete birth registration will be forwarded to Vital Statistics. You are responsible to finalize the birth registration with Vital Statistics.

With incomplete birth information, Vital Statistics will not be able to activate your application for Child Tax Benefits or your child’s Social Insurance Number. However, you will be able to apply directly to the federal government on your own.

Why is it important to register my baby’s name correctly?

Vital Statistics will issue birth certification with the spelling and order of names as they appear on the birth registration form.  Most future identity documents will use the names exactly as they appear on the original Birth Certificate. If you choose both a given (first) name and a middle name for your child, consider which name you want to use to refer to your child regularly. A legal process and an associated fee will be required to change the order of names in the future.

How do I apply for my baby’s Birth Certificate? 

Submit a completed PEI Birth Record Application.

Who can I contact about registering my baby’s birth?

Vital Statistics
126 Douses Road
Montague, PE
Telephone: (902) 838-0880
Facsimile: (902) 838-0883
Toll-free: 1-877-320-1253


Published date: 
November 10, 2022
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Vital Statistics
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Phone: 902-838-0880
Toll-free: 1-877-320-1253
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