Reporting Issuer List

Issuers that are reporting issuers must make periodic filings with the Superintendent of Securities under the Securities Act, R.S.P.E.I. 1988, Cap. S-3.1 and rules.

We maintain a list of issuers who are reporting issuers in Prince Edward Island. A reporting issuer in Prince Edward Island can be taken as not being in default in Prince Edward Island if it is not in default in its principal jurisdiction and does not appear on the list of Reporting Issuers defaulted by the PEI Office of the Superintendent of Securities.

List of Reporting Issuers defaulted by PEI Office of the Superintendent:

(Currently there is no list of defaulted reporting issuers - February 16, 2018)

The Reporting Issuer List is updated weekly and will be posted to this website.

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information included in the reporting issuer list; however, the accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed. A reporting issuer that does not appear on this list or an issuer that is not reporting that does appear on the list should contact Janet O'Brien at (902) 368-4569 or by e-mail at

Reporting Issuer List (541 Kb) as of February 16, 2018.

Published date: 
September 19, 2017
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