Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot Project

The Off-Highway Vehicle Pilot Project allows the use of select portions of provincial highways to link sections of the PEI ATV Federation's (this link is external) trail system together.

Access is restricted to active members of the PEI ATV Federation that hold a valid Trail Permit issued by the Federation and their associated clubs as per Section 5 of the Off-Highway Vehicle Act Pilot Project Regulations. The goal is to allow safe travel from one trail to another.

In areas where a portion of a highway is designated as part of the pilot project, new signage will identify the portion of the highway to be used by eligible operators of permitted off-highway vehicles.

Trail linkages will include only sections of the below roads. Please refer to the maps for exact locations.

ATV club pilot roads (as of 2021)

New road access as of June 17, 2023 

Public feedback on the pilot project and the proposed roads can be sent to

Published date: 
October 17, 2023