Province and Medical Society partner to recruit more doctors

The Province has signed an agreement with the Medical Society of Prince Edward Island (MSPEI) to move forward on a physicians’ recruiting physicians model for PEI.  

“Islanders want and deserve better access to family doctors and specialists. Improving how we recruit physicians to the province is a priority for me and for this government. We started meeting with the Medical Society to discuss how we can work together early in my mandate.” 

- Health and Wellness Minister James Aylward

MSPEI has been a strong advocate for a physician recruiting physician recruitment model.  MSPEI President, Dr. David Bannon, was part of a task force that launched a policy paper in April 2019 calling for a new recruitment model.

“We see patients waiting too long for care and too many people who simply don’t have access to a family doctor,” said Dr. Bannon. “We can do better. We are accepting Minister’s Aylward’s request to recommend a new recruitment model with enthusiasm.”

MSPEI will work closely with the Department of Health and Wellness and Health PEI to develop its recommendations on a new recruitment model, based on the principle of physicians recruiting physicians. The project will include assessing best recruitment practices in other parts of the country and beyond, seeking input from PEI physicians and hosting a facilitated workshop with stakeholders.

Health PEI is pleased to see this move forward and will play a key role in the initiative.

"At Health PEI, this work to develop a new recruitment model is an opportunity to better collaborate and coordinate our collective efforts to recruit physicians,” said Denise Lewis Fleming, CEO of Health PEI. “Recruitment is a key priority and these initiatives are important to improving our health care system and the services we provide to Islanders."   

“Having both Health and Wellness and Health PEI collaborating with MSPEI will ensure we find the best model to attract more highly qualified physicians to Prince Edward Island to benefit the people of our province,” said Minister Aylward.

Recognizing physician shortages exist today, MSPEI has committed to table its recommendations to the Department of Health and Wellness by March 31, 2020.

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