Province announces Ignition Fund recipients

(l-r) Natal de Avila Antonini and Magali Freiberger, Janessa Ferrell, Ian MacAulay and Jeremy MacAulay, Minister Arsenault, Jerry Oriade, Laura Stevenson and Alex Stevenson

Five startups from across the Island are launching their new business and products thanks to Innovation PEI’s Ignition Fund.

Sport4TV and four other local companies each received a $25,000 grant through the spring competition.

Other recipients include:

  • Finix
  • QuestRead
  • Salty Mountain Clothing Inc.
  • Upcycle Green Technology

“Investments into new businesses, innovative products and ideas is how we will foster a healthy and sustainable economic environment where local companies can grow,” said Gilles Arsenault, Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Trade. “We know that financial support programs like the Ignition Fund can be the catalyst that Island entrepreneurs need to turn their dreams into reality. Congratulations to the latest recipients. We can’t wait to see where you go next.”

Twice a year, Innovation PEI invites Island entrepreneurs and businesses to pitch their ideas through a competitive process to receive up to $25,000 in seed capital for new innovative business ventures or products.

"The Ignition Fund will help us improve our product of advanced technology and data collection on how curling rocks travel for curlers and sport broadcasts. That means for viewers at home, they will be able to see that data right on their screen. The same technology will also help curling athletes enhance their delivery and understand why the curling rock does what it does," said Sport4TV Chief Strategy Officer Jeremy MacAulay. "The support from the Province is going to get our product to local and international markets that much sooner."

Learn more about Innovation PEI and the Ignition Fund.

Media contact:
Vicki Tse
Department of Economic Development, Innovation and Trade


Finix Clothing Inc., Jerry Oriade
The brand specializes in designing and producing sustainable, comfortable, casual clothing with bold designs and colours, catering to the streetwear fashion scene. Finix gained considerable success in its first four months of launching online, achieving five figures in sales. The brand has currently shipped to 20 countries worldwide and a strong online presence of more than 10,000 members.

Sport4TV, Ian MacAulay and Jeremy MacAulay
Technology for the curling industry that creates and tracks data as a curling rock travel on an ice surface. The data will be used to enhance broadcasts for the curling viewer, help data collection and practicing for competitive curlers, and help club curlers enhance their abilities at home.

QuestRead, Janessa Ferrell
An engaging reading app that improves a child’s motivation and achievement through gameplay and adaptive learning.

Salty Mountain Clothing Inc., Laura Stevenson and Alex Stevenson 
A clothing brand that designs women’s workwear, this will include; pants, overalls, maternity overalls, shirts, sweaters and accessories. The workwear will feature unique and innovative features that are not currently available on the market. Salty Mountain Clothing is made for the everyday wearers to the everyday women who are looking for comfortable and durable workwear. 

Upcycle Green Technology, Natal de Avila Antonini and Magali Freiberger
‘Upcycles’ compact gas cars into a new electric small pickup truck. The cars we used are 10- to 15 years old vehicles that would probably be in a scrap yard in a few years. The final product is the REV-500, a new electric small pickup truck made using raw materials from old Toyota Corolla cars. This product has been developed in the last three years and will be on the market in the first quarter of 2024.

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