Start-up businesses supported by the Ignition Fund

Thanks to the Ignition Fund, Dave Iwankow, will be able to develop and market his product, CleanBands. 

“This award will help us to speed up the technical development and international marketing of our innovative technology,” said Iwankow. “We look forward to bringing our wearable hand washing monitoring system to front line workers throughout Canada and the United States."

Iwankow is one of 10 recipients who received a $25,000 grant in this year’s round of funding. 

This year’s Ignition Fund recipients are:

  • CleanBands
  • Cape Reef Seafood and Smokehouse Limited
  • Element Extraction Technology Inc.
  • The Island Hop Company Ltd
  • Kari
  • Pegasus Biotech
  • Remidose Aerosols Inc
  • Reset: Breathe Corporate Innovation
  • Terry’s Berries
  • TopServe

“It’s been such a hard year for so many Island businesses, so it feels really good to be able to make such a positive announcement today. I was a business owner in the past so I know how important it is to help local entrepreneurs get their innovative ideas turned into reality.” 

- Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Minister Matthew MacKay

Since the Ignition Fund launched in 2014, the program has funded 68 companies. For more information, visit: Ignition Fund

Media contact:
Hillary MacDonald
Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture 


CleanBands (Dave Iwankow): Develop wearable technology and integrated application for hand hygiene monitoring. 

Cape Reef Seafood and Smokehouse Limited (Megan and Murray MacLeod): Expand operations to include production of Prince Edward Island smoked seafood products. 

Element Extraction Technology Inc. (Walid Mazyan, Kevin Downe, and Osama Abdoh): Design, build, and test commercial scale subcritical water extraction units for natural products producers. 

The Island Hop Company Ltd (Josh Mayich): Expand hop farming operations to include processing and packaging. 

Kari (Matt MacLeod and Len Currie): Develop a mobile on demand application with a focus on ride hailing service using a fleet of independent drivers. 

Pegasus Biotech (Daniel Wilson): Biotechnology company offering contract research and consulting services for vaccine and biopharma process and analytical development. 

Remidose Aerosols Inc (Dr. Michael Mayne): Production of an accurate, cannabis inhalers, oral sprays and topicals for use in the medical and recreational cannabis markets. 

Reset: Breathe Corporate Innovation (Tracey Gairns-Brioux): Develop an online platform for employers to help their employees focus on personal movement and wellness to increase team engagement. 

Terry’s Berries (Terry Nabuurs): Manufacture and expand a product line of vodka-based canned beverage using PEI ingredients. 

TopServe (Nicholas Cameron): Develop an application for contactless in-house dining.

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