Mental Health Review Board

The purpose of the board is to review cases involving persons who are suffering from mental disorder or is believed to be in need of treatment provided in a psychiatric facility.

What is the function of the board?

An involuntary patient, or any person on the patient's behalf, may apply in the prescribed form to the chairperson of the Review Board requesting the Board to review:

  • (a) that the criteria for admission of the patient as an involuntary patient were satisfied;
  • (b) the status of the patient;
  • (c) the patient's certificate of renewal;
  • (d) the patient's certificate of leave;
  • (e) an opinion that the patient is or is not capable and the choice of substitute decision-maker who may consent on behalf of the patient;
  • (f) an opinion that the patient is or is not capable of managing his or her affairs;
  • (g) the decision to transfer the patient to another facility or jurisdiction;
  • (h) any unreasonable denial of the patient's communication rights.

A psychiatrist or the administrator may apply in the prescribed form to the chairperson of the Review Board requesting that the Board authorize:

  • a) specified psychiatric treatment and other related medical treatment without consent;
  • b) the withholding of all or part of the clinical record of a patient who applies for access to it, and the Review Board may grant such authority.

Primary Role:  Adjudicative

Material Role: 

  • Strategic Development 
  • Advisory 
  • Managerial/Oversight 

How many people are on the board?

The Review Board shall be composed of three members of whom:

  • (a) one shall be a member in good standing of the Law Society of PEI who shall be chairperson and preside at meetings of the Board;
  • (b) one shall be a psychiatrist; and
  • (c) one shall be neither a lawyer nor a physician.

What are the requirements of board members?

Formal Qualifications
Dependant on the position sought.

Work & Experience Requirements
Dependant on the position sought.

Skills Required
Tribunal skills and skills consistent with material role (shown above).

What are the nomination requirements?

Statutory Nomination Requirements
The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall appoint the members of the Review Board and alternate members (where for any reason a member is unable or refuses to act, the appropriate alternate member shall act in his or her stead.

Will I get paid?

Chair - $200/diem and Members - $142/diem.

What is the time commitment of the board?

Variable depending on the number and complexity of reviews. The review board has two sets of board members that can fulfill the legislative mandate. Alternates can be called upon if necessary.

A member shall hold office for the period, not to exceed three years, specified in the instrument of appointment, but is eligible for reappointment at the expiration of his or her term of office.

Mental Health Review Board - Members
Name County Term Start Term End
Thomas Keeler, Chairperson Queens Mar 30, 2021 Mar 30, 2024
David W. Hooley, K.C., alternate chairperson Queens Aug 22, 2023 Aug 22, 2026
Dr. Christopher Bryniak, psychiatrist   Mar 19, 2024 Mar 19, 2027
Dr. Elizabeth Schneider, alternate psychiatrist Queens Aug 22, 2023 Aug 22, 2026
Shelly Higgins, layperson Prince Mar 30, 2021 Mar 30, 2024

Chantal Hebert, alternate layperson

Queens Nov 1, 2022 Nov 1, 2025

How can I apply?            

If you would like to serve as a member of a provincial government agency, board, or commission (ABC) you can apply online through Engage PEI.  

Who can I contact?

Leslie Warren
Director of Acute Care for Mental Health and Addictions

Published date: 
April 3, 2024
Executive Council Office

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General Inquiries:
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