Government reimburses Island nurses for language proficiency test

Nurses who require an English language proficiency test to meet language proficiency requirements for the College of Registered Nurses and Midwives of Prince Edward Island (CRNMPEI) or the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Prince Edward Island (CLPNPEI) will now receive reimbursement from Government to cover their test fee.

“As we continue to look for efficiencies and ways to streamline the hiring of health care workers in Prince Edward Island, we know that reducing cost barriers can help. This is another initiative that makes it easier for those who want to come live and work in PEI to do so.”

- Health and Wellness Minister Mark McLane

Nurses who are required to take an English language proficiency test do so through the Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The fee for the CELBAN test is $425 and the fee for the IELTS test ranges from $309 to $335 plus tax depending on test location or if they are using a virtual platform. 

To be eligible for the fee reimbursement, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have two pieces of identification that confirm Prince Edward Island residency;
  • Have applied to CRNMPEI or CLPNPEI for registration;
  • Have taken the English Language Test through CELBANS or IELTS; and
  • Have taken and submitted their English Language test within the last year of application to CRNMPEI or CLPNPEI.

Applicants can seek reimbursement of the cost for up to a maximum of two English language test fees but only one unsuccessful attempt will be allowed for reimbursement. 

For more information and to access the application form,visit: English Language Test Fee Reimbursement for RNs and LPNs

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