Input invited on Plastic Bag Reduction Act

Minister Brad Trivers talks to Mike MacDonald, executive director of Upper Room Hospitality, about government’s support for a donation of 10,000 reusable bags for Island foodbanks to help all Islanders move from single-use plastic bags.

Now that the Plastic Bag Reduction Act has been in place for several months, Islanders and businesses are invited to provide written comments and feedback online. 

The Act came into effect July 1, 2019, encouraging the switch from single-use checkout bags to reusable bags. The purpose of the Act is to reduce waste and environmental damage.  

“Prince Edward Island is a leader in waste management and I congratulate Islanders for being the first province in Canada to ban single-use plastic bags. The change has been well received by Islanders, visitors and businesses and we are now seeing major retailers like Sobeys follow our lead to remove plastic bags from stores across the country.”

- Brad Trivers, Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Change

Enforcement of the Act will begin January 1, 2020 and some elements of the Act will need amendments for practical reasons. The Act, which was brought forward as a private member’s bill in the spring of 2018, also proposes an increase to the mandatory minimum fee businesses must charge for paper and reusable bags, from 15 to 25 cents for paper bags and $1 to $2 for reusable bags. This is scheduled to occur January 1, 2020.  

“After a few of months of practical experience, now is the time for Islanders and business community to provide their feedback on changes needed to achieve the environmental goals of the legislation, including whether or not a fee increase is necessary, so that we can address them this fall,” said Trivers.

Islanders can give their comments online until October 1, 2019 at Plastic Bag Reduction Act Consultation. Information is also available regarding the switch from single-use checkout bags to reusable bags as well as the Plastic Bag Reduction Act  and the General Regulations.

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