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Subscribe to receive an automated email notification when Government issues news and alerts. You may modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

How do I subscribe to Government Subscription Service?

Click “Subscribe” below and complete the online form.

  • Provide your email address.
  • Select the notifications you wish to receive.
  • Confirm you are a human.
  • Click Submit.
  • To complete the subscription process, click the verification link in the confirmation email that follows.

Note: Each time you return to the subscribe form to change your settings you cancel your previous subscription. Confirm all preference boxes are selected before submitting your revised form.

How can I stop receiving email notifications?

Click on the option to “Unsubscribe or Update Subscription Preferences” in any subscription notification.

  • Select only the notifications you want, or leave all items unselected to cancel all notifications.
  • Click Submit
  • Click on the verification link in the follow-up email to confirm your subscription changes.

I registered for the subscription service, why am I not receiving emails? 

Subscription emails may be directed to your junk mail folder. Add to your contact list so the emails will be delivered to your inbox. 

If your subscription emails are blocked by your internet service provider or there is a delay in receiving your subscription emails, try registering with a different email address as this may solve the issue.

If you can't access a subscription email, you can view current items on the News page or the Alerts and Advisories page. 

Can I use the subscription service as official notice? 

The subscription service is provided for convenience and is not an official notice. 
Read the Subscription Service Terms and Conditions for additional information.