Net Zero Advisory Committee Members

In 2022, government released the Net Zero Framework with a vision to become Canada’s first Net Zero Province with targets for Net Zero Energy by 2030 and Net Zero for GHG Emissions by 2040. 

The Net Zero Advisory Committee provides advice based on diverse experience, knowledge, and evidence to the Minister of Environment, Energy, and Climate Action on matters respecting climate change.  They come from diverse backgrounds, including sectors, communities and subject matter expertise, to ensure different perspectives related to matters of climate change. 

Jan Matechek, Chair 

Jan Matechek, Net Zero Advisory Committee Chair and Board Member

Jan Matechek has extensive international legal experience in the Energy and Environmental Sectors. He has over thirty years’ experience with strategy and management across many countries. Jan is a UK certified arborist with special focus on hardwoods, soil health and carbon sequestration. With his expertise, he has established largest native hardwood tree nursery in PEI, using best environmental practices. 


Sharon Anderson, Co-Chair

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Sharon Anderson

Sharon Anderson was born, raised and educated in PEI, has always been keenly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, to maintain the delicate balance between nature and development, to preserve the beauty that is PEI.

She was an educator for 42 years; 13 of which were as an administrator. All were in the PEI school system, save the first year which was in BC. Throughout her teaching career, she encouraged students to consider ways to reduce, reuse and recycle in order to lessen the impact on the environment. 


Stephanie Arnold

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Stephanie Arnold

Stephanie Arnold, BASc, MBA, is a PhD candidate and researcher with the UPEI Climate Research Lab. Their research areas include dynamic climate change adaptation for potato production and evaluation of climate change adaptation capacity.

They were named an Emerging Thought Leader by WIIS Canada for her research on climate change. Stephanie is also the Board President of BIPOC USHR and Chair of the PEI Anti-Racism Table. 


Drew Bernard

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Drew Bernard

Drew Bernard is the Energy Lead and proud member of Lennox Island First Nation.

After graduating from Energy Systems Engineering Technology at Holland College in 2021, Drew began to chart a path to net-zero for his small but mighty Indigenous community on PEI's north shore.

Today, he is utilizing his position and experience to make significant impacts not only in his own community, but in Prince Edward Island's energy mix as a whole.


Dan Dupont

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Dan Dupont

Dan Dupont is a professional forester operating as 'Working Forest PEI'.

He presently manages over 14,000 acres in Eastern PEI and is president of the Sustainable Forest Alliance.

Dan is very passionate concerning the sustainable and ecological management of our Acadian Forest, especially deliberately managing our temperate forests to address climate change.


Shawn MacDougall

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Shawn MacDougall

Shawn MacDougall is the director of Applied Research at Holland College. In this role, Shawn is responsible for developing new research capacity and for connecting industry to Holland College programs with a goal to develop innovative applied research projects that support economic development in PEI.

Shawn has a master’s degree in Science with a focus on environmental and analytical chemistry. 


Bianca MacGregor 

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Bianca MacGregor

Bianca MacGregor has a wealth of experience in the not-for-profit sector, most recently for the past two years as the Executive Director for the provinces largest and oldest land trust, Island Nature Trust. She has served in senior management roles for not-for-profits in both PEI and western Canada in every operational capacity from programming to marketing and promotions, to fund development and strategic planning.

Upon graduating from UPEI’s Business Co-op Program, she worked for the better part of a decade for the federal government in grants and contributions. Her career successes can be attributed to her ability to create strong collaborations with like-minded partners.

She currently serves on the board of the Alliance of Canadian Land Trusts and is focused on advancing land protection in both PEI and Canada. 


Andrea MacKenna

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Andrea MacKenna

Andrea MacKenna works with local farms and researchers to conduct on-farm projects to discover ways of improving farm practices that will ultimately make agriculture on PEI more evolutionary and sustainable while decreasing their environmental footprints.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Memorial University, and a Masters in Business, specializing in Evidence Based Management from UPEI. She is the Executive Director of the East Prince Agri-Environmment Association and the manager of Living Labs Atlantic. Over the next five years she will be leading research initiatives with farmers and 27 industry partners to conduct on farm research trials for developing Agriculture Climate Solutions.


Christina MacLeod

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Christina MacLeod

Christina MacLeod is a partner and the Chief Taskmaster at VOLUME18, a strategic communications firm based in Stratford. VOLUME18 works with governments, non-profits and businesses to connect, communicate and create change.

Christina has a Master's in Environmental Legal Studies from the University of Auckland and has worked on climate policy and strategies, active transportation and environmental programs.


Sam Sanderson 

Net Zero Advisory Committee Board Member Sam Sanderson

Sam Sanderson is the general manager of the construction association of PEI. The mission of the Construction Association of PEI is to foster, promote and advance the interests and efficiency of the construction industry in Prince Edward Island by acting on behalf of and for its members.






Published date: 
May 17, 2023
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