Home Insulation Rebates

Existing homes can qualify for rebates on windows, doors and insulation

efficiencyPEI offers grants for the installation of insulation, air sealing improvements as well as ENERGY STAR® windows and doors. Upgrades to the shell of a house (known as a building envelope) protects it from the elements and can yield big savings on heating costs. Upgrades will also make your home more comfortable and environmentally friendly.

In addition to rebates, financing is available through the Government of Prince Edward Island to assist with the up-front costs of insulation upgrades.

Income qualified Islanders may be eligible for free home insulation. Visit the Free Home Insulation Program to check your eligibility. 

How do I apply?

If you are interested in financing for the up-front costs, learn more about the energy efficiency loan program.

To get a home insulation rebate, follow these steps:

  1. To qualify for the provincial government insulation rebate, you must have an energy audit conducted by one of our energy partners. Contact them directly to begin the process.
  2. After receiving your EnerGuide Rating System report, complete your upgrades and contact your audit provider for a follow-up inspection.
  3. Your audit provider will collect your paid receipts for the upgrades, along with proof of income* (if required) to efficiencyPEI on your behalf. 

* Proof of income is your original July GST Credit Notice showing your net family income, marital status and province of residence.

Why do I need a home energy assessment?

The Home Energy Assessment is a mandatory part of the program. It provides useful information about your home’s energy performance that will help you make informed, decisions when operating, renovating or purchasing a home. Choosing the right upgrades will save the most energy, and be the most effective at lowering your monthly costs.

The Home Energy Assessment is offered at a subsidized rate of $99 plus HST.

Where can I find a list of contractors that install insulation?

You can search the Network of Excellence for contractors that install insulation.. You can search for a contractor by name or by the service they provide or you can view a list of contractors by county, or by program, by selecting an option from the "County" and "Program" fields.

What are the rebate amounts?

Rebates may be different for different types of upgrades.

  • For example, a below grade wall upgrade for a 30’ x 40’ basement with 8’ high walls going from R0 to R12 would be: (30’ + 40’ + 30’ + 40’) x 8’ = 1120 sqft = 11.2 SQ
  • Then the rebate would be: 11.2 SQ x R12 x $12 = $1,612.80 total rebate.

Home insulation rebates are for everyone, but Islanders with a lower income can receive larger rebates. For these rebates, low income is defined as an annual household income of $35,000 or less.

Attic insulation:

  • Regular Rebate: $2.50/100 square feet (SQ)/R-value increase
  • Low-income Rebate: $4.00/SQ/R-value

Minimum total R-value R50 for flat ceilings, R28 for sloped ceilings

Above grade walls (with new interior/exterior finish):

  • Regular Rebate : $25/SQ/R-value increase
  • Low-income Rebate : $40.00/SQ/R-value

Minimum R-value increase R6

Above grade walls (blown in insulation):

  • Regular Rebate : $5.00/SQ/R-value increase
  • Low-income Rebate: $8.00/SQ/R-value

Minimum R-value increase R10

Exposed floors and headers:

  • Regular Rebate : $12.00/SQ/R-value increase
  • Low-income Rebate: $20.00/SQ/R-value

Minimum total R-value R20

Below grade:

  • Regular Rebate : $12.00/SQ/R-value increase
  • Low-income Rebate : $20.00/SQ/R-value

Minimum R-value increase R12 for walls, R20 for headers

Windows, doors, and skylights:

  • Regular Rebate: $100 per window/door/skylight opening to a maximum of $1000/property for  ENERGY STAR (v5, 2020 onwards) units
  • Low-income Rebate: $200 per window/door/skylight to a maximum of $2000/property for ENERGY STAR (v5, 2020 onwards) units

Air sealing:

Air Sealing
Regular Rebate
Low Income Rebate
10% improvement over initial ACH @50pa rate
20% improvement over initial ACH @50pa rate
30% improvement over initial ACH @50pa rate $400 $700


If you need information on this program or any other energy efficiency help, get in touch. Visit us at efficiencyPEI at 69 Belvedere Avenue in Charlottetown or at Access PEI in Summerside. Program information is also available at any Access PEI location.

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Energy efficiency incentives are a cost-shared with the Government of Canada under the Low Carbon Economy Fund.

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May 13, 2024
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