BioCommons Research Park

The BioCommons Research Park is a $30 million campus-style facility spread across 65 acres. The park provides commercialization support to the bioscience sector, with technology and infrastructure to accelerate products through the development cycle and into the marketplace. 

BioCommons  Business Park site map

General Site Information

The PEI BioCommons is a research and light industrial park located in Charlottetown, P.E.I.

  • The parcels of land that make up the park includes roadways and in-ground infrastructure along with common areas for pedestrian traffic to the adjacent lands along the river.
  • The total land area of the park is 58 acres.
  • The current price for a parcel of land for development is set at $80,000 per acre.

Utility Services

The utilities in the park include:

  • Electric conduit ready for power lines;
  • Sanitary sewer by the City;
  • Telecommunications conduits;
  • Water and wastewater treatment by the City;
  • Storm sewer lines throughout.

Where is the BioCommons Research Park located?

The park is located adjacent to the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) at the north end of the city and is approximately 35 kilometers from the Confederation Bridge.

    Who can I contact for more information? 

    Norma Kennific-Bernard, BBA, DPA (Client Services and Procurement Officer)
    Finance PEI
    94 Euston Street
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    Published date: 
    May 2, 2016
    Finance PEI

    General Inquiries

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